Products and Pricing

We allow recruiters to initiate a limited number of unsolicited chats with candidates on Hirect for free. We will charge the recruiter when the number of unsolicited chats with candidates exceeds the daily free limit.

  • Recruiters can improve and increase the number of chats with the most relevant candidates per day by subscription.
  • Hirect will provide different levels of chat upgrade benefits to meet the needs of other recruiters.
  • The number of active chats, valid days, and prices for each level of upgrade rights would be based on the specific display information on the product payment page.
  • Hirect has the right to make changes based on the service provided and the price of the charged goods. The modification will not affect the recruiters who have already purchased but will only affect the new users buying after the changed subscription model.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

This subscription model is a digital offering, and Hirect will not provide a refund post completion of the payment. The user may not request a refund from Hirect unless the subscription service cannot be used generally due to a platform failure after due diligence. If the applicant's account is closed due to inappropriate behavior on Hirect's platform, no refund will be issued in such cases. If the user has any concerns/objections, they can contact Hirect's customer support team.

Payment Terms and Conditions:

'Hirect' may offer products and services for purchase on the App (“In-App Purchase”). By making an in-app purchase, the subscriber agrees to the payment terms that may apply, which are disclosed at the point of purchase, and as such, the payment terms are incorporated herein by reference.

In-App Purchases can be made by the following methods ("Payment Method"): (a) making a purchase through a third-party platform such as the Apple App Store or Google Play Store ("Third Party Store"). As soon as someone makes an In-App Purchase, they authorize Hirect to charge their chosen Payment Method. If Hirect cannot receive payment through the selected Payment Method, the customer agrees to pay all sums due upon demand by Hirect.

The subscription is not canceled when an account is deleted, or an application is deleted from a device. The subscriber will be notified of any changes to the pricing of the Premium Services to which they have subscribed and given the opportunity to cancel. If Hirect changes these prices and the customer does not cancel their subscription, they will be charged at Hirect's then-current subscription pricing.

Canceling Subscriptions

If someone has purchased a subscription through a Third Party Store, such as the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store, they will need to access their account with that Third Party Store and follow instructions to change or cancel their subscription. If a subscriber cancels their subscription, they may continue to use the paid services until the end of the period they last paid for, but (i) the subscriber will not (except as outlined in the subsection entitled “Refunds” below) be eligible for a prorated refund, (iii) they will then no longer be able to use the Premium Services or In-App Purchases enabled by their subscription.

Generally, all charges for purchases are non-refundable, and there are no refunds or credits for partially used periods.

The subscriber may cancel their subscription without penalty or obligation. Their estate shall be entitled to a refund of the amount for any payment subscribe had made allocated to the period post-death if they die before the end of their subscription period. Suppose one becomes disabled (so that they cannot use Hirect) before the end of their subscription period. In that case, they are entitled to a refund of that portion of their subscription payment transferable to the period after their disability by providing the company notice; in the same manner, they request a refund.

Suppose a subscriber exercises their right of cancellation (except for purchases made through Apple ID, which Apple controls). In that case, Hirect will refund (or ask Google to refund) all payments received from the subscriber without undue delay and, in any case, within 14 days of the date when Hirect received notification of the subscriber's decision to cancel the Agreement. Hirect shall make such a refund using the same means of payment as used by the subscriber in the initial transaction. In any case, no fees will be charged to the subscriber due to the refund.

The subscriber who purchased through a payment platform other than those listed above should request a refund directly from the third-party merchant through which they made the purchase.

A subscriber cannot cancel an order for digital content not delivered on a physical medium if they have given their explicit prior consent and have acknowledged that they will lose their cancellation rights.

To request a refund

If the subscriber wishes to receive a refund, they must cancel the subscription and request a refund. If they subscribed using their Apple ID, refunds are handled by Apple, not Hirect. Go to iTunes, click on your Apple ID, select “Purchase history,” find the transaction, and hit “Report Problem” to request a refund. The subscriber can also submit a request at

For all other purchases, Hirect will refund (or ask Google to refund) all payments received from the subscriber within 21 days of the date Hirect received notice of the subscriber's decision to cancel the Agreement. Hirect will refund the subscriber's payment using the same method as the original transaction. The subscriber will not be charged any fees for the refund.

If the subscriber made a purchase using a payment platform not listed above, they should request a refund directly from the third-party merchant through which they made the purchase.

A subscriber may not cancel an order for delivery of digital content that is not delivered on a physical medium so long as order processing has begun with their prior consent and acknowledgement that they may lose their cancellation rights.


All prices include taxes for payments collected via In-App payments for the product or service. If Hirect determines that it is legally obliged to collect a Sales Tax or GST from the subscriber, the Sales Tax or GST will be collected in addition to the required payments.