Products and Pricing

Hirect is trusted by 3.8M+ verified job seekers and 190K+ verified startups. Hirect is free of cost for job seekers. The Hirect App runs on a FREEMIUM model for recruiters so that they can use all its features without limitations. However, Hirect will charge a nominal fee to the recruiters for initiating chats with more Job Seekers than provided in the FREEMIUM plan.

Recruiters who have signed up and been onboarded with Hirect are entitled to a 3-day complimentary trial for 30 chat initiations per day, after which they will be upgraded to the FREEMIUM plan of 5 free chats a day.

To chat and connect with more candidates on the platform, recruiters can choose one of the below plans. Hirect will operate on a subscription basis so that the payments will have to be made as per the selected plan every month.





No. Chats per day





Cost per month





Cost per chat





*All the prices mentioned above are inclusive of taxes

If the recruiter has any custom requirement or if they would like to initiate more than 100 Chats/day please write to: