It’s been a while for you. You spend the days applying for a job and buttering professionals in the industry and following the successful peeps in your field and your nights go by either chilling or wondering where did I go wrong?

Well first of all. It happens. It’s not you, it's your approach towards the process of looking for a job search. I’m sure you’ve been through every platform and tried every single tool out there online that provides information about an opening and went hastily and applied there ASAP so that you don’t lose a chance.

This where you go wrong. Applying for a job is no hasty business. It requires more personal touches and interactive efforts on a visibly sincere level. As a job seeker, the recruiter is looking for your will to grow, your passion for the field, and the dedication you are willing to put in for the company. And all you send him is a resume. The most non-interactive piece of paper to judge you by.

Drum rolls.

The missing thing here that could bring you in the top few percent of the people that not only secure a job but secure a job that they want is a COVER LETTER.

How many times have you ignored writing one?

That is the number of times you have been ignored by a recruiter. The number of times you’ve hit the easily apply button on the application is the number of times your resume has been skimmed through.

A cover letter delivers your uniqueness to the recruiter. On Hirect you can directly connect with the recruiter and pitch yourself in while chatting. However, otherwise, a cover letter speaks well for you.


I will cover this for you in a basic bullet point format paragraph wise,

  • The first paragraph should hook the reader so make sure you put your best in it. It could be about who you are, and what skills you have.

  • The second and third paragraphs can elaborate a bit on how you got those skills, speak a little about your character, add a few backstories, etc.

  • The fourth and final paragraph is basically answering “why should we hire you?”

You need to write here about what you bring to the company along with why you want to work with the company.

A lot of general samples are freely available online in case you need to refer to actual cover letters. You can select templates from canva, word, docs, etc.

Make sure your cover letter does not wander around topics and does not just brag about you. Research well about the company, be well aware of the role before writing the letter and write accordingly in a clear and concise format.

A majority of the crowd does not even bother to submit a cover letter to the organization. By sending one you make a significant difference and instantly come to notice. Rest depends on your caliber.

All the best!