Reassessing the 'Human' in 'Human Resource Management' in today's world

Human resource management is crucial to the efficient and productive functioning of any organization as people are, in the end, one’s greatest asset.

However, the term ‘Human resource management’ can feel dehumanizing as employees are referred to as a resource that can be simply ‘managed’, negating concepts of individual identity or self-worth. Providing employees with an increased self-value and making them feel like integral parts of an organization results in them displaying increased levels of loyalty, motivation, as well as an increased level of efficiency.

Human Resource Managers need to adopt a more holistic approach that accounts for the individual considerations of each employee. This has strong business benefits as well as helping increase each employee's overall productivity is far more effective than trying to squeeze productivity out of a cohort of employees as a whole.

Humanizing the management process

Human Resource (HR) departments deal with employees from the time of application to the time of exit. Between these two checkpoints are several processes that could be tweaked to attain higher efficiency whilst also making sure employees do not feel ignored or dejected.

  1. The hiring process

The hiring process can have a significant impact on the performance of the employee as well as the time they spend at the company.

Companies often base the atmosphere of their workspaces around certain values that they believe in and wish to inculcate in their employees as well. However, finding employees who truly match these values can be difficult during a hiring rush, particularly when looking for high-quality hires. With technological developments and the up rise of various online hiring platforms, companies can now thoroughly assess all their applicants through personalized phone calls, interviews, and interactions, allowing them to gauge if the applicant aligns with their values. Realizing that the applicant might not be a good fit for the atmosphere of the office (despite their expertise in the job itself) might save both the company as well as applicants a sour employment experience. Instead, through the use of the aforementioned online hiring services, both parties can now be completely content with the choices they make. As a result, employees that share a good relationship with their employer are likely to be more productive and are less likely to require the HR department to step in constantly.

  1. Learning on the job

Despite any previous qualifications or degrees that might have aided in an employee getting a job, most will tell you that they learned a majority of their work on the job itself. However, for some employees that take longer to learn than others, this process can make them feel left behind, causing them to feel anxious or demotivated. Making this process more seamless and comforting for an employee could critically increase their performance. For instance, a company could pair new employees up with those who are experienced so that employees can feel more comfortable with a peer, instead of leaving them to learn the job through common training periods.

  1. Compensation

While a sense of job satisfaction is essential for employees to be efficient and relatively errorless in their functioning, receiving timely remuneration for their labor is what matters at the end of the day. If an employee feels like they have worked towards something (their salary) for the entirety of the month or quarter, not receiving their dues when promised can throw off many of their plans and lead them to begin feeling critical of the company and its practices. Automating salary payments could result in an increased level of efficiency, as employees know that they will undoubtedly receive their dues on a given date without having to take on additional stress.


The process of human resource management has previously most commonly been defined as the process of managing a workforce while striving to maximize efficiency. However, if companies and their Human Resource departments were to give individual attention to the needs of each employee through simple shifts in company procedure and policy, this redefinition could result in higher efficiency. Furthermore, it is also essential for companies to ensure that they are only picking employees that fit in with their values and talent pool, allowing them to create a strongly bonded workforce that they can trust.

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