Managing your online presence for prospective employees

As a business, your online presence and social media accounts are a space where you give the world a glimpse of not only your products and services but also your values. Anyone with an internet connection can find out everything they need to know about your enterprise with a simple Google search.

You may have focused your website and social media to appeal to clients and consumers. But what about potential employees? It is imperative that job seekers find your company inviting enough to apply. So, you must put your best foot forward on social media and other digital platforms to find the right fit for every role.

While managing your online presence with the objective of attracting suitable potential employees, you should be able to build an appealing brand image as well as focus on the right strategies to hire the right talent. Here are a few ways in which you can chisel an appropriate online image of your business for prospective job seekers.

Hire professionals

In all likelihood, you already have a website for your business. However, if it is old and outdated, consider investing in redoing it. In times when design and functionality have both become equally important, you need to ensure your business keeps up. The right aesthetic complete with an appropriate color palette, images, and text will give the impression that you care about your enterprise. Professional web developers, designers, photographers, editors, and copywriters can build an impressive website which an in-house employee can later keep updating.

Upgrade your social media

Social media is where the sparks happen. To really display what your firm's personality is like, create dynamic social media profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and the works. Websites can be monolithic and static since they cannot be updated regularly, but you can use social media to share information about events, photos of the workplace and employees and even initiate a conversation with potential employees. However, bear in mind that fresh content must be posted on social media regularly. If you cannot manage that, do not consider expanding to these platforms.

Social media itself has evolved to make room for businesses. Utilize all its features and make sure you use the latest trends to maintain your presence. You can expand your search for recruits by using hashtags and encouraging tagging among countless other methods.

Careers page

Tell candidates all about the open positions at your company, compensation package, perks, and work environment on the careers page of your website. A good copywriter will help you highlight the best of each career at your organization. Make sure that navigation on this page is intuitive and easy.

Writing job listings

Firstly, ensure job titles are written in such a manner that it is easy for candidates to search for your posting. Use common descriptive keywords to optimize the titles for search engines. If you're not a professional, you can find these words on free keyword research tools.

Now, the job description should spell out what you offer and why job seekers should work for you. The best candidates will have a wide choice of employers to pick from, so you should highlight what makes you stand apart. Detail the requirements of the role, but make sure it is not overwhelming. Use active verbs, and mention if you are ready to offer competitive packages and benefits. Use keywords to optimize the job description so that you can reach out to a wider and appropriate pool of candidates.

Engage existing employees

What’s better than hiring employees who have much in common with your existing staff? Use your current employees' connections along with social media to make new hires. Post listings on your Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook accounts so that your staffers can easily retweet and share them. Also, consider offering incentives to those who help you recruit new ones.

Create an efficient application process

Is your application interface frustrating to candidates? Does it keep redirecting them to a different page? Make sure you get your pick of employees by allowing them to apply in a smooth manner. Design your application portal in such a way that candidates don't have to jump through hoops just to register their application.

It can be off-putting for applicants to create a new login each time they express interest in a job opportunity. Eliminate this requisite entirely, or hold it till the end of the application. Also, ensure they can check their status without hassle.

Keep questions on your application form to-the-point. Applicants may want to drop off midway if the process is lengthy and cumbersome.

The effort you put into renovating your online presence for potential employees will be a show of your care towards your business and staff, and ensure that you attract truly deserving talent.