The job description of a particular job profile is like the bio of the role. It indirectly represents the company and the recruiter as it does the profile. It is extremely important to get the job description rightly drafted as it is what will ultimately attract candidates the most.

The purpose of a job description is to convey the requirements of a candidate for a certain role in such a way that the right crowd is attracted to it just by reading it.

Direct advertising is one of the most fundamental recruiting techniques and a lot of it is covered by framing an apt job description draft in it. The maximum amount of crowd that is unique and willing to work for the role you're looking for is attracted through the job description. That makes it clearly obvious how necessary it is to nail the job description.

Now, no recruiter is a copywriting expert and none of them are actually required to be. There are just a few basics that you need to cover while writing a job description and keep a few points in the notice. Note that however crucial a job description might be it is not art! So you can relax and follow the protocols.

Elements incorporated by a job description are,

  • Job title

This is crucial and the most fundamental part of a job description is how a job seeker actually looks for the role you are posting. No creativity is expected here, just plainly mention the most general accurate term for your role over here.

  • Job description

Simply cover what the role is about in 2-3 lines in the job description. Again, you can go completely vanilla and general here. As long as you are accurate and clear you are going great.

  • Skills and eligibility

Write what you expect from the candidate over here. Write what exactly an ideal match for this role would be like. Mention the qualifications, hard skills, and soft skills and in case of any specific needs or expectations add them in too. Do not get stingy with the words here. Bluntly mention your requirements. This is the part where you can have some fun and get a little quirky too.

  • Key responsibility

Never go brief with your responsibilities. Elaborate mention what the candidate can expect while expecting the job. Be honest, straightforward, and professionally vulnerable if possible. Professional vulnerability indicates dropping hints of what you intend to achieve through the candidate posted in the role.

  • Compensation

Extremely important and very crucial. Literally, all of us have been guilty of selectively looking at the grants, incentives, packages in a particular job description in then going for the job. But, Dear recruiters, please be transparent while posting the compensations for the job assigned. Do not mention a tentative amount. Make sure you are clear with what the company is ready to offer before mentioning it in the job description.

All of the above are expected to be covered diligently in clear, concise, and accurate language in a job description. Nowadays a lot of templates are available online for the same. Applications and job profiles have inbuilt templates according to the look and feel of their website or application. However, content plays an extremely important role and it is to be taken care of.

Hope it helped.

Happy recruiting!