What is direct hiring, and how can it benefit you to secure an interview in 24 hours?

Traditionally the hiring process for the position of a candidate takes a few days and at times weeks and if luck isn't on your side maybe even more.

It has been this tedious as far as one could remember. And though it feels like the norm, we need to believe that with changing times come smarter solutions and there is always a better way to do something that was executed in a certain manner previously.

What do you think takes up most of the job seeker’s time in the process of getting recruited?


Yes, you read it absolutely right. It is not looking for a vacancy, neither the process of the application nor the actual interview rounds. It is the time spent waiting for a certain recruiter or HR department to revert or even notice your profile after applying for a job. And as ridiculous as it sounds, it takes weeks to land your first interview. Getting onboard is way far ahead.

Job seekers especially freshers are famously advised to apply for at least 100 jobs to expect a few replies from it after and even fewer interviews to land a single decent job.

And why must we ask?

When you can secure an interview for yourself in as little as 24 hours! Why would you wait for weeks of uncertainty and unsaid commitment to a job that is not even yours yet?

Direct Hiring via Hirect solves this tedious anomaly of waiting for recruiter responses. Hirect merely identified the problem and rectified it by providing the candidates an opportunity to directly connect with the recruiters.

How do you ask?

When you download the application and set the profile, we require you to fill in the preference details that are based to identify the position you are looking for, its package, your eligibility, etc. After you provide the information, the application matches you automatically with the recruiters that are looking for someone like you. You can then start a conversation with the matched recruiter profiles yourself via the text facility available on the application.

It is hardly going to be five minutes of work from your side for the profile set-up. This followed by a day of conversing with the recruiters and pitching yourself in just the way you want. Eventually, you secure the interview for yourself, by yourself. Hopefully, in the next few hours itself!

And that is how my dear friends, one lands an interview in as less than 24 hours.