Essentials of modern day recruiting.

Recruiting past 2020 has majorly shifted to online aggressive competition. Companies are trying to hire the best talent that can perform efficiently and sincerely, given the remote monitoring situation. While some companies have agreed that work from home has not affected the productivity rate of the company employees, there is still a question of no-connect supervision.

This ultimately has increased the pressure on the recruiters to hire more reliable talent for the companies they are working for. And it has become more crucial for the recruiters to ensure that they are hiring the right way. Missing any opportunity negatively affects the hire count.

Here are few ways you can ensure rightful and foolproof hiring of quality employees,


This is such a must. If you haven’t shifted your recruiting process to online yet then there’s really no chance for you to stand in the competition. Please say goodbye to recruiting.

Once online, you need to ensure your presence almost on every possible community and medium.

  • Social media platforms

  • Job search applications.

  • Job search websites.

  • Online groups and communities. etc.

are some of the openings for you to reach your desired set of talent.

Being online not only connects you to a bigger and more actively available crowd but also makes you more approachable and turns you into a magnet for the candidates looking at your posting in the vicinity.

A few points that you need to cover while recruiting online:

  • Create a clear engaging profile.

  • Stay active on your accounts. Spend a few minutes responding and extensively surfing the approaches and candidates.

  • If possible create some relatable content at certain intervals that caters to their needs and answers their queries. This will help in your personal branding and attract more people towards you without you spending time individually looking for them.

  • Connect and stay in touch with the people that reach out to you.


In-house candidates are a treasured potential and a company should always invest in them. As a recruiter, shying away from the in-house talent available in the company can cost you an aptly skilled, dedicated professional. They don’t manufacture those in abundance!

While beginning your hiring process it is extremely important for a recruiter to look into the company staff that could fit the role they need to fill in the first place.

It saves time, money, and effort.

There you go smart work, Less stress, and quicker achievement.

A good way to begin is to talk and know who all are a part of the company you are working for. One step at a time. Physically knowing does take time but it is never a waste.


A man can do just so much in a given time as compared to a bunch of men. Interacting with the company staff does not solely help you recognize their potential. It helps you connect with more eligible candidates.

Spread the message of an opening and get your employees to promote it for the company. A certain amount of revenue and time can be saved through it. Another advantage is candidates coming in through employee references.

It also helps promote the company culture thus attracting more candidates specifically interested to be a part of your company.


Be it online or offline. Hiring should always begin with knowing exactly what you need. If you are all over the place as a recruiter there is no way you are nailing it anywhere close.

Your job description should be concise and toned down to all things necessary. Avoid any unnecessary matters.

It would help you tons if you study the job profile and its utility in the company's organizational structure. Ask for the skills of a single role when posting for a single role. Never look for a multitasking candidate. That is both unethical and won’t help you secure the master of the game.

For example, if you are looking for a writer asking them to be proficient with designing software is not appreciated.

Transparency on the other hand is also an undeniably important factor.


Filtering plays a very important role when it comes to hiring the right talent. The applications you receive, but obviously are not all, the choice for the position. Filtering on different levels considering different parameters is extremely beneficial and a method that makes the process of hiring easier.

You can filter the candidates as follows:

  • Filtering on the basis of their resume.

  • Go through references and recommendations.

  • First interview round to communicate.

  • Test-based filtering.

  • Final interview to discuss ambitions and expectations.


Personal branding plays an extremely important role in your career as a recruiter. When you brand yourself, you create an image of yourself in the professional network.

That portrays you as a reliable connection. More candidates will be willing to connect with you without you reaching out to them personally this way.

A way to do this is by maintaining your profile and actively participating on social media platforms. Another way is open-mindedly trying out new tools of recruiting.


It is extremely important to track the progress of your recruiting process. Every profile, field, region has its own factors that affect the recruiting process. See what works in your industry. It is important to track in order to eliminate unnecessary efforts and enforce efficient, cost, and time-effective recruiting methods.


  • Project yourself as the best employer in town.

  • Communicate.

  • Be everywhere.

  • Actively participate in the advances of the field.

  • Aptly use what you have before and then look for what lies outside.

  • Know what you want, to get what you want.

  • Keep track of your progress. Always.

Happy recruiting folks!