Recruiting is no easy business but none of it is non-achievable. It’s all about consistency, diligence, and hard work accompanied by smart work.

Recruiting on its own is an individual process and each recruiter has their own way to go through it in order to attain the best results possible. That is what actually differentiates you from the pool of other employers in the market and is essential to survive the recruiting industry.

But having said that you can break the rules once you know why the rules were made. Every task has certain parameters that are needed to be fulfilled in certain ways. You just cannot avoid certain ways saying that’s not your thing.

Recruiting basically has 10 major types that recruiters are suggested to refer to while beginning the hiring process and if possible practice all of them altogether. If a recruiter follows these 10 recruitment methods that cover it all, there’s no chance of missing out on a candidate.

  1. Direct advertising.

  2. Promotions and transfers.

  3. Partnering with professional organizations.

  4. Employee referrals.

  5. Carrying out recruitment events

  6. Internships.

  7. Talent pool revision.

  8. Retrieving.

  9. Social media.

  10. Recruitment agencies.

If you as an individual pull off all of these,


Great job, as if it is possible for you to cover these methods in all there is no way you are to miss out on any potential, hidden, available, worthy, etc. candidate. And trust me if you are consistent enough and alert towards the advancements, the right candidate is going to appear in front of you quicker than you expected. Quicker than you are thinking of in your mind right now.

But in case, all of this is not your cup of tea then the following are 5 curated methods you need to solely rely on to deliver a decent recruitment progress. These 5 can very much cover your needs, not extraordinarily but in a way, you can cover things your way and still not miss out on much.


This is the most basic recruitment technique and you really cannot miss out on this in any manner. It’s like the most obvious recruitment process step and every recruiter is bound to begin with it.

What do we do here?

Make sure to post the opening on every platform and job portal available online. The post should be clear, concise, and accurate. Once you get past it, try to make it creative and visually appealing. If it's just a written post, get real and add some quirk if possible in the description. If you are allowed to visuals then go ahead and play with the look and feel. You can also promote the company culture through it.


First and foremost if you don’t have a talent pool document CREATE ONE. A talent pool is basically a document of skilled potential candidates. It could be candidates rejected, currently working for a junior role, etc. Always make a list of the candidates who were this close to getting a certain job but couldn’t as there was a better option available. They could be your better option now. You never know what works for you. Recruiters it is extremely essential for you to become a hoarder. Hoard as many contacts as you can, talk and get to know people, and note necessary people that could come in handy for you in the future. Never say no to a connection. Talent pool revision can save you turns of the first-hand effort and might solve your issue in one go as well!


What we mean by this is - in-house recruiting.

Inhouse recruiting has its very own pros and cons and it makes a huge difference in availing the benefits of inhouse staff. You really should never avoid this process as the candidate coming from your company will,

  • Save you tons of recruiting time.

  • The candidate is no doubt a perfect choice as he knows way more than any other candidate applying for the position.

  • Employees psychologically seem to see their growth in the company which means you secure more people with potential for the future.

It’s a complete win-win situation. The only con here is diversity and innovative mindset accommodation becomes a bit non-existent then. Plenty of fish in your very own tank! But don't hold back from exploring the oceans.


Employee referrals are a part of in-house recruiting. A major part of it is played by the staff of the company. It usually is when a particular candidate comes with a recommendation of a certain employee of the company. More like somebody scrutinized the candidate all ready for you. Obviously, these candidates are to be favored.

At such times given half the concern is taken care of the interview process speeds up too and becomes a good choice in recruiting automatically.


This is one of the most essential modern-day techniques that every recruiter needs to incorporate. The benefits of which include,

  • Image promotion

  • Brand endorsement

  • Networking

  • Outreach

Recruiters nowadays are seen putting up stories of openings on various platforms and the response is wild. However, you are included in a lot of unnecessary interaction too. But then with each good comes a little bad.

Recruiting basically sums up basic networking and positive engagement. Newer ways coming up in the future are obviously going to be based on these always. You get your hands dug well in these and then you are done.

Hope it helps! Happy Recruiting!