Blue Collar Jobs

People use the terms white collar and blue collar to refer to various categories of workers in the economy. Manual work is typically involved in blue-collar jobs. Examples include truck drivers, manufacturing employees, welders, and construction personnel. Most white-collar workers spend their days in offices. A person from the working class who does manual labour is known as a blue-collar worker. Skilled or unskilled labour may be included in blue-collar work.

Soft Skills Required For Blue Collar Jobs
  • Leadership
  • Collaboration
  • Persistence - to persevere through difficulties
  • Discipline - to advance academically & professionally
  • Patience - to remain composed
  • Ethics - an attitude of dedication
Technical Skills Required For Blue Collar Jobs
  • Technical Skills Required For Blue Collar Jobs
  • Plumbing - to pick up extra work as a handyman mending faulty pipes or unclogging drains, plumbing is an excellent skill
  • Car Maintenance - A great talent to have is the ability to perform simple auto maintenance
  • Landscaping - Developing abilities in landscaping can be a quick and simple way to get extra money
  • Low-Voltage Electronics - With this skill ability, you can enjoy the splendor of a fancy home theater or outdoor speaker system while also increasing the worth of your residence

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