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Hirect enables recruiters and candidates to connect directly - no emails and no waiting. As soon as a user (be it the hiring manager or a job seeker) sends a message, they can see if it was read by the other side and can receive a response /feedback within a few hours.

AI-Algorithm Matching
Candidate Recommendations

Hirect's Intelligent AI-powered algorithm matches the job profiles with the right candidates. When a job is posted, the hiring manager/CEO/Founders of Startups and SMEs will receive a list of only relevant candidates. This eliminates the exhaustive process of resume screening. Hiring the right team is now possible with just a click.

100% Secure Video

Hirect integrates voice and video calling into the app itself. There is no need to switch platforms. Furthermore, this ensures the security of the users, thus allowing 100% integrity and data privacy during the hiring process.

Direct and Quick

If the AI algorithm finds a matching candidate for a job posted by a hiring manager/CEO/ Founder of a Startup or SME, Hirect instantly notifies them. By doing so, Hirect ensures that the startups do not miss out on any opportunities to grow their employees.

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