Hirect:  A Mobile Hiring App

Chat  Directly, Hire  or  Get  Hired  Quickly



A simple chat

based interface 

On Hirect, recruiters and candidates can directly chat with each other. Cut off all the hassle of using multiple apps for a simple communication. Send resume in the chat itself. No need to share personal details.

Easily communicate and get to know each other better.



AI powered 

Recruiters can readily find a list of matching candidates as soon as they post a job. No need to wait for candidates to apply.
Candidates will find a list of matching jobs according to their job preference. Candidates can directly reach out to recruiters if they find the job suitable. No need to wait for the recruiter to reach out to you.


Video interview

Recruiters can interview the candidates in the Hirect app itself. Hirect has voice calling and video calling features integrated. No need to switch between multiple platforms.




Recruiters will get instant notification whenever a new matching candidate is available.

Candidates will get a notification whenever a new matching job is posted. No more losing out on good opportunities.