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Hirect is a job app that enables Founders/CXOs/Hiring Managers/Business Owners to chat directly with relevant, AI-filtered candidates, without consultants, and with 100% data privacy.

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A targeted job portal for SMEs and Startups - Hirect is a mobile-first chat-based platform that fulfills the hiring requirements of 190K+ verified recruiters. Hirect as a direct hiring app connects recruiters to 3.8M+ verified candidates who are searching for jobs in Indian startups. Moreover, Hirect allows for direct and private communication without the interference of consultants.

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Hirect - Simplifying the Hiring Process

Hirect, a direct hiring platform for founders and hiring managers, is committed to meeting its users' definitions of success. This chat-based platform is created to help high-growth startups meet their hiring needs in absence of middlemen.

Hirect caters to the hiring needs of 190K+ verified recruiters. The AI algorithm's ability to correctly match recruiters to relevant candidates based on skills, experience, profile activity, location preferences, etc. makes hiring simple and effective.

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Q. 1 How do I hire the best candidate for a job?
Q. 2 Hiring for multiple roles can be expensive; how can I save money?
Q. 3 How soon can I start hiring for my job posting?
Q. 4 How is Hirect different from other traditional portals?
Q. 5 Are there any job posting limitations for recruiters?
Q. 6 What if a recruiter has special requirements? Who should they reach out to?

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