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How about if you already knew how much you would earn or if you would land a lucrative job post-graduation? However, the future remains as elusive as ever. How then would you plan for your future during your college days? Choosing a career in the Arts is often considered a choice of vulnerability. There is a belief that people may select their career in the Arts if they aren't suitable for the Sciences or Commerce. But that is not the case. Art's career can be equally fulfilling and providing as any Commerce or Science career. There are many options available in the Arts field that are high paying. And the careers have immense demand and scope in the industry.

Art is now the new Science of the country. More and more people are diverting towards job satisfaction. The percentage of people wanting to explore different fields is increasing day by day. It is not by the mark sheet anymore, it is what you are good at these days. This is the reason why Arts is gaining the importance it never had in the first place. Arts now is an equally significant career as Science or Commerce. For example, Digital Marketing is often described as a career for the future and you needn't have a degree in Science or Commerce to get into the Digital Marketing field. Meanwhile, learn from here about Arts and how it can help to get a career in the future.

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The employment rate for careers post Bachelor’s in Arts had dropped to a flat 42% in the year 2021 from 48% in the year 2020. The pandemic struck hard to multiple careers with lay-offs, employment rate drops, etc. But the demand for the people graduating from the Arts stream remains the same. The major shift this year has been freelancing from full time jobs, one can say.


Significance of Arts Course

Bachelor’s in Art opens doors to a lot of options. It is often misunderstood as a low paying profession. A Career in Arts is not confined to Fine and Liberal arts. And Literature is not just writing anymore. In fact, writing itself has its own sub-genres, career-wise nowadays. Students from the Sciences are entering the Art fields and pursuing high-paying careers.

The flexibility and satisfaction of creatively delving into a project are major benefits in Arts. This is one major reason why people from fields that are considered intellectually and economically satisfying make a shift to the Arts fields. This is where, Technical Writers, Legal Writers, Set Designers, etc are formed.


Why a Career in Arts?

It is true that a career in the Arts offers the satisfaction of creation and management. There is also the opportunity to work at a job that allows the creator to express themselves every day. But the demand for the jobs is still overshadowed by the glamour of Doctors, CA's and Engineers these days. The subjects one deals with post their 12th standard in Arts has a vast scope and variety altogether. Subjects that a student can pursue further if they pass the boards in the Arts stream are,

  • Arts
  • Fine arts
  • Business Administration
  • Law
  • Journalism and Mass Communication
  • Fashion Designing
  • Hotel Management
  • Event Management
  • Sociology
  • Political Science
  • Economics
  • English

Students are given various job options in each subject that will present them in the outside world. MNCs and startups offer opportunities in these fields, and some allow freelancing. The Freelancing community of Writers, Content Creators, Videographers, Designers are raging nowadays. Services are not limited to larger companies and corporations any more. Smaller businesses and startups prefer outsourcing their requirements nowadays. This hints towards the entrepreneurial opportunities in the field.

Getting a career in Arts is the coolest thing in town these days. Traditionally, not everybody is in favour of a career in Arts due to financial instability. But there is so much to explore, and the immediate average salaries are from 2 to 6 lac per annum. It does not take years to get discovered any more, too. With improved means of communication, reaching out to the right resource is also very easy.


How to Get a High Paying Job in the Arts stream?

The Arts field offers a wide range of opportunities. From managerial responsibilities to working on the creative front, entrepreneurial opportunities even. The immediate salaries range from 2 lac to 6 lac per annum and growth is surely a possibility. An individual seeking a lucrative career in the Arts is required to pass their 12th standard boards in Arts stream. The subjects they study are going to be the foundation for their Bachelor’s degree course. So the subjects in the syllabus of the course need to be covered in their stream. They would need to study economics in their 11th and 12th standard to become an Economics major, or someone should have statistics in their curriculum to pursue a career as a statistician.

Careers like :
  • Economics professor
  • Lawyer
  • Statistician
  • Psychologist
  • Historian
  • Government jobs
  • English Professor
  • Family counsellor
  • Political Analyst etc.

However, some careers in the Arts do not require a specific subject qualification. Even a 12th pass student can enrol in these Diploma courses or Bachelor degree programs. One of the most popular courses in this field is the Diploma in Education. If someone is interested in pursuing a career in teaching, this is the one to consider.

Careers like :
  • Bartender
  • Fashion designer
  • Event manager
  • SEO Analyst
  • Digital Marketer
  • Photography
  • Growth Hacker etc.

Graphic designing, creative and content writing, illustration, animation, etc. are a few careers where formal qualification is not required. An interesting portfolio will suffice. In such careers, freelancing is solely based on portfolio and not qualifications.


Should You Pursue a Career in the Arts Stream?

Why not? If someone resonates with the topic and loves a career that allows them to express themselves and present themselves, they should definitely consider it. This is an opportunity for those who don't want or don't like a 9 to 5 job.

But if a person isn't willing to take initiative, lacks patience, and dislikes networking, this is not for them. Obtaining formal degrees will get them a job in some firm, agency, or corporation, but it won't guarantee their success unless they work hard for it. Patience is a crucial trait for those pursuing Fine Arts individually.

Arts students are their own mentors. The further they dig, the more treasure they will find. The Arts field offers a unique pathway for every individual, depending on the curriculum they pursue and the career they choose. Everyone must forge their own path. This is the most rewarding aspect of the Arts career.


The Arts stream offers students a wide range of options. It offers jobs that are highly rewarding and self-sufficient. In addition, it totally dispels the myth of low pay. Art is not just for those who are incapable of doing anything else. It is for individuals with initiative, inventors, and networking professionals. In this field, the ones that believe in themselves shine. Certainly, it is something to strive for.



1. Can I get hired in an Arts stream if I come from a Science or a Commerce background?
  • Yes. As a Science or Commerce major, you can select to pursue a Bachelor's in Arts in any course that you wish. Some courses have their requirements for you to have a few subjects in their syllabus, but Bachelor's is mostly a fresh start. You can pursue your passion in Arts post 12th irrespective of your stream. For Post graduation, however, you need to cover the course in Bachelor's first.

2. What is the highest paying job at the moment in Arts?
  • The lawyer’s profession at the moment has the highest salary in the Arts stream. The options include, corporate lawyer, civil lawyer, judge, intellectual property lawyers etc. The packages range from 3 to 8 lac per annum. With the corporate lawyer and judge bagging the highest estimated amount. Students from the science as well as commerce stream can pursue Bachelor's in Law. Alternative or collaborative options include legal advisory and legal content writers, which again is a very high paying career in itself. Overall, law major can get you more than enough to settle luxuriously.

3. What options await me in the fine Arts?
  • An Art director has the highest average salary in the Fine Arts. The scope and growth in this career is exponential. An Art director works in the marketing, advertising, gaming, publishing and fashion industry. The job responsibilities include leading the creative side of the content generation of a company. The national average salary is approximately 5.5 lacs for an Art Director. It's a hybrid career where some days you might work in-office while some days out of it. Most of the Art directors are self-employed, even. It is a whimsical career, but highly satisfying for souls that are in constant need to create something every day.

4. Are there any white collar jobs in the Arts stream?
  • Yes. Hotel management, the Lawyering profession etc. are a few white collar jobs in the Arts stream. The rest are considered free spirited uncertainties. But here's a catch, most of the 'No collar jobs' as the jobs in the Arts stream are called, have responsibilities and perks of a white collar job. Arts stream jobs can be very secure and balanced too. Not every job in the stream, but most of them are secure enough to fund you a satisfied life. Lawyering is the highest paying profession amongst them.

5. What are the top scholarships for fine Arts students?
  • Listed below are the top 5 scholarships in fine Arts.

  • Every scholarship has its own set of eligibility criteria, and the financial assistance may vary from complete financial adoption to a certain percentage of assistance. You can google accordingly to know about these scholarships in depth.

  • Cultural Talent Search Scholarship Scheme : This program provides training to rightfully talented students, mostly emphasizing for students indulging in the pursuit of rare Arts that are on the verge of extinction.
  • Saryu Doshi Graduate Fellowships in Liberal Arts & Sciences : This program is for financially challenged Indian nationals who have been accepted at a University abroad for pursuing Post-graduation (Masters, PG diploma/certificate or Doctorate) in Liberal Arts.
  • Inlaks Shivdasani Scholarship : For younger talents wanting to pursue higher studies abroad.
  • Sanskriti – Kalakriti Fellowship : For progressive young artists that aim to enhance and enrich their respective art forms.
  • Scheme for Scholarships to Young Artistes in Different Cultural Fields : The program provides financial help to young artists of outstanding promise for advanced training within India in different fields like Mime, Theatre, Visual Art, Indian classical dance and music, Folk, Traditional and Indigenous arts and light classical music.
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