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Which are the Candidate Experiences that Hiring Managers Should Focus On?

Candidates want to know tips to crack an interview, how to ask the right questions, and other pressing details that recruiters want them to know. Similarly, Hiring Managers want to know about candidate experience and how to deliver a good experience for candidates. A candidate experience is one of the popular buzzwords around every recruitment team to attract the top talents. Because it represents how candidates feel about the company in terms of onboarding, work environment, career scope, and other factors, it influences the applicant to decide whether to accept the job offer and move forward.

A good candidate experience will make candidates feel good about the company and motivates them to do wonders at their job. It helps to leverage the brand value and scout the top talents to create a vibrant workforce for the company. On the other hand, the wrong candidate will ruin the work environment and depreciates the brand of value.

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According to TalentAdore,

  1. Nearly 4 in 5 candidates (78%) say that the overall candidate experience they have received shows how a company values its people. (Source - Career builder)
  2. 80-90% of talent say a positive or negative candidate experience can change their minds about their role or a company (Source - Recruiting Brief)
  3. Nearly 60% of job seekers have had a poor candidate experience, and 72% have shared their expertise on online employer sites such as (Source -Linkedin)

Significance of Candidate Experience to Attract Top Talents

"A modern recruiter is the one who is targeted, builds relationship and knows how to not only find candidates but also get them to respond" - Stacy Donovan Zapar (Zappos family of companies)

The importance of candidate experience in recruitment time is intense as it helps the candidate understand the company's work culture before getting employed. A strong candidate experience strategy can ensure shortlisting the potential candidates to remain in the selection process till the end. It helps the company to understand how mature the hiring process happens. As a result, a good candidate will help with a better ROI for the business after investing every resource in the candidate.

Every hiring manager knows that the candidate will audit the company's brand value, work environment, scope, perks, and benefits before joining it. So, the employer branding will directly reflect on the candidate's experience and helps in scouting the potential candidates for driving the business goals. Developing a candidate experience will make them share good feelings about the company, remain positive, stay motivated, and be easy to retain before the competitors pick it up.


Why is Candidate Experience Important for the Company?

"Acquiring the right talent is the most important key to growth. Hiring was the most important thing we do" - Marc Benioff, chairman and co-CEO of Salesforce.

Gone were when people used to get settled for any job even if the workplace and the work felt hostile. Every job seeker has started keeping the benchmarks on the work culture, career plans, perks & benefits, etc. They prefer to get into the right job rather than settle for any. So, it's time for every organization to focus more on the candidate experience. Candidate experience in recruitment encapsulates every touchpoint of the job seeker's expectations. The candidate's experience with the company lasts longer, so it's essential to create a vibrant, positive, and appealing candidate experience to scout and retain the best candidates. It makes them refer their potential friends on board before the competitors pick them up.

Some of the factors to be considered in increasing the candidate recruitment experience

  • It is rare to find a holistic approach for the candidates during the recruitment process, so crafting different stages at recruitment leverages the candidate's experience.
  • When the candidate feels good about work culture, brand value, and a lot more, then they become brand influencers.
  • Efficient, easy, and simple applications are not just beneficial for the candidates but the business as well.
  • Offering a good candidate experience will leverage the employer's brand as a candidate.
  • Every external interaction reflects the business by providing a good candidate experience that reflects the brand value.
  • A good candidate experience will help the company build the employer brand, cut costs, and scout suitable candidates.
  • A high-level candidate experience will develop a great impression on top talents that get scouted before the competitors do.
  • Developing a streamlined hiring process will create a positive candidate experience that is mutually beneficial for both the candidates and businesses.
  • The candidate accepts the job application if they have a great experience with the company's recruitment process, and it attracts the potential candidates.
  • Incorporating a better recruitment team and focusing on its touchpoints can enhance the efficiencies of the candidates.
  • During the interview process, modern job seekers look at the company's engagement and healthy, humane relationship.
  • A successful recruitment process offers companies a competitive edge when looking for the top talent by identifying the candidates faster and helps to reach a more diverse and broad group of people.

How Should a Company Develop Better Candidate Experience?

Every organization must thrive to increase the better candidate recruitment experience. The current job market is more competitive as the company doesn't pick the talent; instead, talent picks the company. For this reason, every company must start focusing on optimizing the better candidate experience. It's time to focus on the candidate's persona and craft every stage of their journey and its touchpoints. It sounds a bit overwhelming, but it is the only way to stand out from the crowd of competitors and scout the suitable candidates to work for the company's vision.

Let's analyze some critical metrics to consider in developing a better candidate experience:

1. A Clear Job Description:

Job descriptions are the most critical metrics every job-seeking candidate needs to look for. With a clear job description, a great understanding of the candidates' roles and responsibilities gets obtained. The candidates feel more confident and motivated to apply for the position and crack the interview once they consider being a part of the company.

2. Be Transparent:

Developing a solid recruitment process is essential in delivering a positive candidate experience. According to the Career Builders survey, a majority, 68%, of candidates believe that the way a company treats the candidates during recruitment will be the same as the company treats its employees.

3. Optimize The Career Site:

The career site is one of the most visited pages by the candidates to get all the information related to the job openings. So optimizing the career site will help develop a user-friendly candidate experience for the applicants. The best place to represent the company and showcase the employee's value proposition and branding ideas.

4. Easy Application Process:

Typically, any candidate spends at least 3-4 hours submitting a job application. Surprisingly, 60 % of job seekers quit in the middle of filling out the application form due to its length and complexity. A lengthy job application makes the candidates feel not to trust the career in the particular company.

5. Respect Candidate's Time:

Candidates looking for the hiring process to be briefer and timely communication from the employers is expected. The candidates take a much longer time to research the job opportunity, prepare a resume, start applying for it, and give interviews. As the survey says, the candidate's application generally takes 2 to 3 months to move from application processing to hire. It is pretty challenging as the days of processing application takes too long at which the competitors can scout them.

6. Better Communication:

One of the most critical factors that every candidate looks for from employers is communication. An overwhelming 81% of candidates have mentioned that a frequent update from the employer's end can improve candidate experience.

7. Good Interview:

The interview is one of the significant parts of every candidate's job search journey. Conducting the interview right will help in gaining a reputation and helps in attracting the top talents. No matter how well the company jobs get promoted, nearly every professionals are unsure about it and the company when they show up for an interview.


Should a Company Build a Strong Candidate Experience?

Definitely YES! Because a strong candidate experience creates a great impression for both the company and employer brand. Just as focusing on the products in terms of promotions and product messages, focusing on the candidate experience can even do wonders and helps to convert them into customers. No matter the organization's size, every stage of the recruitment process needs to be enhanced. Having a solid recruitment process was once normal is not anymore.


One of the great ways of building a candidate experience is through communication. The pandemic clearly stated that the candidate experience is the first, best chance to attract and retain the best people in the industry. Taking up a candidate experience survey can help structure the questions and be accountable for improving the candidate experience.


FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What are the essential elements of the candidate's experience?
  • Enhancing the employer brand
  • Simplify the application process
  • Good communication
  • Providing timely feedback
  • Create a positive candidate experience
2. What does candidate experience mean?

Candidate experience is how does the candidate perceives and follows the hiring process. The critical components of the hiring process are job applications, screening methods to filter candidates and interviews.

3. How to ensure a positive candidate experience?
  • Understand the complete candidate journey
  • Ensure regular communication
  • Demonstrate company values
  • Use recruitment software
  • Be supportive
  • Provide customer service and two-way communication
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