What is the Impact of Unemployment on Candidates’ Mental Health?


Unemployment in the country has been one of the primary causes of deteriorating mental health, which has led to issues like depression and anxiety. During the pandemic, sole breadwinners of the families lost their jobs which drastically worsened their living standards, adversely affecting their physical and mental health. 

The January 2021 statistics from health.org indicate that 43% of unemployed people had inferior mental health. The laid-off employees had significant mental health issues (34%) compared with the people employed (27%). Promoting mental health awareness is therefore essential. 


Significance of World Health Day

It is an unequal world. Despite the pandemic, some people still live healthier lives and have better access to health services than others. This is, however, not fair for all strata of society. Thus, World Health Day marks the beginning of campaigns to create a more equitable, healthier world. The main agenda behind celebrating World Health Day on 7 April is to promote awareness of people’s general well-being and mental health worldwide.

Unemployment affects the individual, society and the economy as a whole. They are also susceptible to experiencing several challenges. However, by promoting World Health Day at the workplace or in general, the idea is to spread awareness of mental health issues of an employee or a job seeker. 


How Does Unemployment Affect the Mental Health of a Candidate?

Here we have collected the various mental effects of unemployment. The common disadvantages of unemployment for individuals are as follows:

–Loss of Income

As being unemployed leaves the candidate without any wages/ or salary, this could chip away the person’s self-esteem and leave them with an adverse effect on their mental health. Being without a salary also takes away the ability of the person to support their family. 

– Mental Health Challenges 

Lower self-confidence and reduced subjective well-being are all after-effects of unemployment. Anxiety is another factor that causes unemployed candidates to lose their mental health. Creating awareness of the same can help these people be ready to manage it. 

– Health Issues 

Unemployment can also significantly impact a person’s physical health, as the stressful situation may result in stress-related illnesses such as headaches, high blood pressure, or diabetes. Also, as most people’s health insurance is dependent on their jobs, most may not have access to any insurance in case of unemployment. 


How to Handle Unemployment and its Effect on Mental Health?

Here are some strategies or tips that can help the candidates handle unemployment so that it does not cause ill effects on mental health. These strategies enable to manage the mental health effects of unemployment. 

Never deny the feelings: Unemployment leads to stress, leading to negative emotions. Avoiding these feelings could be unhealthy. It is best to deal with them head-on. 

Unemployment is only a temporary setback: The feeling that the reverse is only quick will motivate to gain back confidence. 

Connect with family and friends: Unemployment may cause shame resulting in candidates shying away from the family. Do not do so. Staying connected can help in being motivated. 

Make Connections: Network with the professionals and learn of new job opportunities, which could lead to job recommendations. 


Now, this can be a double-edged sword because losing sight of the emotional and mental well being could be a detriment when the time comes to join the new work. Hence, the need for maintaining and observing World Health Day. It promotes the candidates’ mental health and well-being. The advice given is to get enough exercise, sleep well and eat well to maintain positivity despite all odds. 



    1. What is the relationship between unemployment and mental health? 

    It is seen that unemployed people cannot earn money to meet their financial obligations, which further leads to their depression, causing a negative impact on mental health. They also delay their healthcare due to the costs. 


    2. Does unemployment lead to depression? 

    Here we can see how unemployment affects mental health. Unemployment is also considered a cause of high rates of depression among adults. This could result from loss of social contact or status or the stress resulting from income loss. 


    3. Why is unemployment considered a bad thing? 

    Unemployment has more costs to society than just financial. Here, we will try to understand the relationship between unemployment and mental health. Unemployment is likely to affect the physical and psychological health of the person. It also gives rise to debt, crime rate, homelessness, stress, illness, tensions, etc. 


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