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Should You Avoid these Points during Self Introduction?

What you say and how you say it when introducing yourself to someone can form and establish the tone for the connection. You have complete control over the message and first impression, which is crucial.


Mistakes To Avoid When Introducing Yourself

Here are tips to follow or some mistakes to avoid when introducing yourself. You need to choose wisely how to communicate. Keep the introduction brief and inconsequential but adequate for the best results. You are liable to make some errors when introducing yourself. You also must avoid mistakes when writing your introduction on job portals, as they are your first impression online. So, let's check out the introduction mistakes to avoid.

  1. Do not just introduce yourself with your name, position and employer. Adding more details like functional area, geographic responsibility, specialization and so on helps lead the interviewer to ask more questions.
  2. Spoke about yourself confidently and concisely. Practise ahead for the key talking points.
  3. Avoid body language blunders. Keep eye contact throughout the interview.

When giving a self-introduction, also take care of these points:

  • During the self-introduction, do not just narrate what's written in your resume and cover letter. Provide examples, tell your experiences and make them sound authentic.
  • While answering a question, do not ask 'what do you want to know?' or 'what skills are required for this job'. This will show that you are not prepared.
  • Make sure you do not fall prey to narrating life stories. When providing examples, just touch upon an experience if you wish to mention any specific quality.
  • Do not spend a long time on your self-introduction. Keep it short.

You can boldly greet a new acquaintance, shake hands, and chat about your respective professions. Don't use your business card if you want to break the ice. Consider your purpose for introducing oneself as a discussion starter rather than a pitch. By practising out loud, you can avoid making introduction mistakes.



  1. Which are the mistakes to avoid when introducing yourself?
  2. Avoid making grammatical mistakes. Do not go on to mention the names of members of the family. Stick to the basics that matter. Speak confidently and do not appear too enthusiastic.


  3. How to avoid mistakes when writing your introduction?
  4. These are some of the mistakes you should avoid when writing your introduction.

    • Using too much jargon
    • Lacking a purpose of direction
    • Providing too much background information
    • Not providing enough information
    • Grammatical Errors
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