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Public Holidays: How to Include it in Your Company Calendar?

The leave policy draws the most attention out of all the HR rules. We have come a long way from employees having no rights to having access to various sorts of paid breaks and paid public holidays in less than a century. Every nation has labor regulations that grant employees a variety of leaves for various reasons. You must choose the company’s public holiday schedule in addition to numerous other year-end tasks linked to leave management. You must complete this for each area you operate in if your company has sites across several states and nations.

What are Public Holidays?

Public holidays in India are a collection of cultural, patriotic, and religious holidays recognized as official holidays at the union or state levels. They are referred to as Statutory Holidays or Government Holidays more informally,. A public holiday, national holiday, or legal holiday is one that has been declared by law and is typically a day off from work each year. State laws differ in terms of which of these holidays are formally recognized.

Every company’s HR manager is responsible for selecting which public holidays to grant employees as time off. Public holidays are associated with regional celebrations, moments in history, and language demography. There are always some public holidays that are mandatory for a country. On the mandatory holidays, all businesses should typically remain closed, regardless of the rules that govern them and the kind of ownership (public or private). Then there may be other regional state-wise holidays. For official holidays other than national ones, the decision to declare a holiday rests with the involved states, businesses, and organizations. State-to-state variations in public holiday frequency are due to regional celebrations.

How to Include Public Holidays in Your Company Calendar?

There are numerous things that need to be taken into consideration before publishing a holiday list in a company. There might be conflicts and dissatisfaction if you do not follow a democratic method to choose the public holidays. India is a huge country, full of diversities. From state to state, there is a huge difference in how festivals and holidays are celebrated. While it is impossible to consider each and every person, you can make the list in a way that it takes the middle path. Keeping all this in mind, here are the steps you should follow to make an effective list of official holidays for your company.

1. The first and foremost thing to do would be to gather information from various sources. The initial steps under this would be to create a rough draft taking into account the previous years’ data. You can also research about the holiday lists followed by other companies around you.

2. If you are starting a company from scratch, asking the HR managers of other companies in your locality will be very helpful for you.

3. Then you can collect information about the holiday lists declared by the government. Here, don’t forget to take note of both the lists of the national and the state government.

4. If your firm has a family-friendly policy, look into the potential of attaching holidays to the days before or after weekends so that workers may have extended vacations.

5. Avoid choosing too many holidays that occur on either side of a weekend if your company’s policy favors work time (Fridays and Mondays). In the case of public holidays or significant festivals like Diwali, you can be out of luck.

6. Offer a list for the upcoming calendar year (January through December) and information on the previous three years (includes the current calendar year).

7. Make sure to mention the holiday’s name, date, day, and remarks in the proposal’s specifics (if any). If you wish to alter any aspect of the procedure, you must do so with reason and evidence.

8. Obtain the management’s final permission and retain a record of the approved copy (soft or hard) for future reference and internal/external audit. 

9. Before you move to the final step, you can send a tentative holiday list to all employees via email. If your company values employee rights, they should have a say in the holiday list. Send it to them before making it final, so they can bring up any issue they might have with the proposed list. If you have missed some major local holidays, your employees would be able to point it out and you will have a chance to make necessary edits.

10. Finally, publish it and communicate it with the employees. Permanently post a list of the company’s acknowledged public holidays in the relevant places, such as employee self-service portals. Give the appropriate authorities a copy of your company’s holiday list(s) in accordance with any applicable laws.

Why Should You Add Public Holidays in Your Company Calendar?

Governments at the federal and state levels have passed legislation allowing businesses to provide their employees paid time off. A certain number of official holidays must be given to employees each year. While a state may choose 25 holidays for the year, depending on where you are, you must choose 8, 10, or 14 holidays for your company.

What to Take Care of While Deciding Which Public Holidays to Add in the Company Calendar? 

There are some important things to take into account when establishing a holiday list for your business:

  • You should first learn about the official holidays declared by the Central and State governments. The state determines the total number of holidays you need to declare for your business in addition to the statutory holidays. There are typically between 8 and 14 holidays per year.
  • Just as each company and its owners or managers are unique, so is its business. Because of this, policies differ greatly from business to business. The attitude, principles, and culture of a corporation influences its policies. While most businesses may get away with unilateral practices that don’t take into account employee mood, this won’t work in sectors with significant demand for talented workers.
  • Employee demographics and preferences are very important since holidays are a time for employees to celebrate or observe significant events. You may rapidly create a decent list while ensuring employee happiness by circulating a draft list or soliciting feedback on the list of official holidays.
  • Customer characteristics and demographics also need to be taken care of. The official holidays you announce usually coincide with the consumers’ holidays if you have local clients. But you should also consider how the holidays affect your numerous out-of-country or foreign consumers.

Tips to Create a Public Holiday List

Paid holidays are a huge factor responsible for employee satisfaction. This might directly affect the retention rate at your organization. Thus, as employers, you need to pay extra attention to the drafting of a holiday list. Of course it is not possible to make everyone happy, but you should choose a way to make the maximum number of people happy. Here are some tips that will help you to draft a good Public Holiday list.

  • Be open to criticism from employees and employers. Recognise that you are human, and can make errors.
  • You might have to make difficult choices, but in the end come to middle ground where both the company and the workforce is happy.
  • Be aware of national and state leave policies.
  • Always have multiple people on the drafting board. When varied kinds of people decide the leave policy, it is easier to come up with a diverse list.
  • Keep away personal biases while deciding on a list.
  • Take note of minority festivals and holidays, and find a way to grant those to the ones who need them. You can keep them in the list of optional or restricted holidays.


The business is important, but the workforce is what will build the business. Thus equal focus is necessary on the human resource aspect of a company or an organization. The leave policies and the public holidays may directly affect the happiness and retention rate of employees. Thus special care needs to be taken before drafting a public holiday list for a company. The bigger the workforce, the more the diversity. Also, the more the number of locations where it operates, the more the pressure on creating a good holiday list. 

Nowadays there are several softwares that can help HRs and the management create and distribute holiday lists. But it is important to understand that not one size fits all, when it comes to holidays. Thus, sitting down to discuss it, and keeping a humane touch to it is very crucial. 


  1. Who decides how many leaves an employee should get in a year?
    The number of office holidays depends on a number of factors. Everything from national laws, to the state laws, the management, and the customer base are taken into account before deciding upon common office holidays. It varies from 8 to 14 leaves, from state to state.
  1. What is the easiest way to accommodate all local festivals in our company calendar?
    There is an option of adding optional or restricted holidays in your company calendar. To be more accommodative, and understanding of a diverse workforce, you can limit the number of compulsory holidays to the minimum. Instead of those you can increase the scope of the optional leaves. That way, people can choose which festival they want to take a leave for. 
  1. Are public holidays the same as national holidays?
    A public holiday is a day off that is often declared by legislation and is not typically a working day. A nation or a non-sovereign state may commemorate its independence or founding on a national holiday.
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