Yashasvi Making an Impact #BeyondChequeLeaf


Shantanu Pandey Sr. Vice President – Business Development Nominates Yashasvi Aggarwal, Assistant Manager Business Development.

Drive, determination and passion is the key to success. A few people with this drive strive to excel in their careers. This blog series, “#BeyondChequeLeaf #2”, is an attempt to highlight the work and commitment of one such exceptional leader and team player.


In this blog, Hirect honors the spirit and grit of its employee, Yashasvi Aggarwal, Assistant Manager of Business Development. He has contributed significantly to the company’s growth by consistently delivering exceptional results. His hard work, attention to detail and extensive startup experience give him an edge in his career. He has been nominated as the right candidate to be featured in this blog series by Shantanu Pandey Sr. Vice President – Business Development.


An Insight Into The Past


Born and brought up in Delhi, Yashasvi Aggarwal did his schooling at O.P. Jindal Modern School. His father was a Doctor and his mother was a Govt. Officer. He continued his studies with a Bachelor of Business Administration(BBA) at Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies, Pune, 2017 to 2020. He is a good football player and a die-hard Manchester United fan.

cheque leaf_yashasvi

As a student of Symbiosis International University, he was well equipped to work with different cultures and spheres in a global organization. Being a quick learner, he was complimented for his ability to adapt and settle in diverse organizational environments. Some other key features that were imbibed in him since his early days are his lifelong passion for creating and developing ideas, an eye for detail, and commitment to getting the job done.


Before joining Hirect, he worked as an internship trainee with Akansha Organization at Pune and did an internship as Business Development Executive at Jindal Stainless. His previous startup experience is vast, having worked across industries such as Edtech, Customer Service, Operations, Social Services and Design.


Initiatives at Hirect


Yashasvi is a hard worker who, with his intelligence and competence, has made a significant contribution to Hirect’s business development in a short period of time. His journey at Hirect started about a year ago. As an integral part of the team, Yashasvi has taken up a lot of initiatives. He was promoted at Hirect quickly, and within a year, he got promoted twice. Currently, he leads a team of over 50 people. His main attributes are hard work and attention to detail, which produce the best results for the organization.

  cheque leaf_yashasvi

He is the sole person responsible for setting up Engati, a Whatsapp bot(bulk email shooting tool) for Inbound Team, which has helped the business development team to scale up their work. Everyday, around 50+ conversions happen directly through Engati. It contributes to more than 10% of the work per day. He is also fully committed to reaching organizational goals while also focused on developing new skills and gaining experience.


Yashaswi set up the intern department for Business Development. Interns contribute to 20-25% of the daily target with half the cost. Many of these interns were also promoted to full-time workers for Hirect, who contributed to the department’s daily numbers in a big way. This helped to save about two months of training time. He also set up Ameyo, the call center solution software for the inbound team.


Message from the Team


Hirect’s Business Development Department is proud to work with such an insightful leader. Discover what the team thinks about Yashasvi.


Yashasvi always find a way to get it done – and done well. We are consistently amazed by his performance, In a span of a year he kept on pushing the bars. His ability to find humour even in stressful times is an inspiration 🙂

Keep up the great work !!” –Simran Saswani, Manager – Business Development Department


“Yashasvi is more like a friend than a manager, he makes sure that we have fun during the process and not get overwhelmed with work. The morning meetings are one of the best parts of the day, he is a super chilled guy and I’m so glad that he is the one I started off my journey with.”- Shreyansh Agarwal, BD Intern


“A person who brings fun into work!
He is mostly Quiet but one can learn endless things from him.Feels great to have such colleague”- Sarthak Jain, Assistant Business Development Manager


Yashasvi’s dedication and enthusiasm for his role have left an indelible impact on Hirect. Hirect wishes Yashasvi Aggarwal “Good Luck and Success” in his new endeavors with the company. Hirect is looking forward to more contributions that he and his team can deliver to the organization.


Best Wishes,


Team Hirect

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