Iteeshree Kunchal Making an Impact #BeyondChequeLeaf

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Ramani Ganesh, Senior Vice President – Human Resources, Nominates Iteeshree Kunchal, Manager-Offline Growth.

Commitment to work and determination to shine is what drives success at work. This blog series, #BeyondChequeLeaf #3, aims to spotlight the achievements and commitment of one such exceptional leader and team player.


Here, we at Hirect salute the spirit and grit of its Manager of Offline Growth, Iteeshree Kunchal. She has made a substantial contribution to the company’s growth by continuously providing excellent outcomes. She has been nominated as the best-fit candidate to be featured in this blog series by Ramani Ganesh, Senior Vice President – Human Resources.


A Journey into the Past


Iteeshree did her schooling at Mayo College Girls’ School, a boarding school for girls affiliated with the CISCE, based in Ajmer, Rajasthan. She was a National Level Athlete at school and also represented India at a SAARC Nations athletics meet. She also participated in the State Level Table Tennis. Apart from sports, she was a lead in a dance musical choreographed by Mr. Sumeet Nagdev. Her high school years were spent at the Modern School, Barakhamba Road where she became Sports Captain – Athletics. During that time, she also participated in many activities and societies.


She then completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Management Studies at Jai Hind College, Mumbai. Her activities and societies included Event Management – Head of Department (HoD), College Authority for the college festival Talaash (2015).


Her involvement in activities and societies across her schooling and college life is just a tiny precursor to her passion and commitment to her career in Marketing and Offline Growth.

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After completing her education, Iteeshree joined Citi as an Information Research Analyst (M&A). She worked in data research. Then she worked at Sportex. Asia, as the Head of Marketing. She also worked across industries at companies such as Airblack as an Associate or Operations Coordinator at Rajsun Paints.


Making an Impact Across Hirect


Iteeshree is a dynamic and committed worker who delivers her best at work. Her passion for strategies to grow businesses attracted her to her job at Hirect. She has worked in finance, travel, fitness, healthcare, and retail for five years. She is knowledgeable in change management, company development, continuous operational improvement, and customer service.


At Hirect, she is the kind of leader everyone wants and needs while constantly pushing her team to do better. She didn’t come with the experience but learned everything from scratch. Currently, she is the Manager of Growth at Hirect, where she works on expanding the Hirect App across India. She also manages a team which has produced more leaders for Hirect.

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She was one of the first to join the offline team, and they started off from Gurgaon. After a few weeks of her being the individual contributor, Hirect expanded the team, and they were able to run Hirect’s pilot model of offline sales in Gurgaon successfully. Hirect always conducts a lot of events there. In the same course of time, she was able to start other two markets, Delhi and Noida, enabling Hirect to cover the entire Delhi NCR region in 21/2 to 3 months.


Then came the challenge of expanding the market, and Hirect came to Bangalore and Pune. Iteeshree has developed herself into a leader who manages 4 to 5 cities across Pan India in a few months. That’s how she has contributed to the Growth Trajectory of Hirect. Also, she and her team are very connected to the overall work and the vision of Hirect. There were times when the team had to pivot from offline to Linkedin, and the team hardly took one week to learn the entire process, and they were able to pivot to the learning process.


Message from the Team


Here is the message from her team.

“It has been an amazing experience working with Itee. She is an amazing person. She’s so good at her work and has given me a lot of guidance. She is someone who makes the workspace fun and indulging. “- Archit Gupta, Assistant Business Development Manager.

“It is often said that a good leader creates and grows new leaders and successors. Iteeshree has been one such leader who has helped us grow into our full capabilities and is always someone we can fall back upon .she has been visionary, a mentor and when we need our 10 pm friend. Thankful to have her”- Himani Gosain, Assistant manager-offline sales.


Iteeshree’s grit and enthusiasm for her role have left a lasting impression on Hirect. Hirect wishes Itteshree Kunchal “Good Luck and Success” in her new ventures with the company. Hirect looks forward to her and her team’s future contributions to the organization.


Best Wishes,


Team Hirect


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