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Is Automated Interview Scheduling an Effective Recruitment Strategy?

Time has been considered a valuable aspect from hiring the candidate to executing the tasks. Previously, the time taken to source a candidate for the vacant seat with the several interview processes had increased the time taken to fill that position. It became hectic for HRs from candidate hiring to the processes to get it finished.

To minimize this long-going process and reduce the cost and time of the company and the hiring candidate, an Automated scheduled Interview came into play and helped the organizations, most importantly the HRs of the organizations which helped reduce the burden and complexity of the interview process. It also enables the talent acquisition team to spend more time sourcing candidates and making offers by streamlining every team member’s workload with automated interview scheduling. It minimized the scheduling of phone screens, event interviews or complex interview days. Automated interview scheduling ensures the process is optimized for all participants.

These interviews are scheduled depending on the candidate’s ease of giving candidate. For example, if a candidate lives in a remote area where the ease of giving interviews is phone calls, there is a concept of also automated scheduling through phone calls or video, depending on the need of both the recruiter and the hiring candidate. This software automated the working of organisations and reduces the burden imposed on HRs which helps in the smooth functioning of organisations.


  • Significance of Automated Interview Scheduling

  • Why Automate Interview Scheduling?

  • How does AIS Improve the Working of an Organization?

  • Should Organizations Automate the Interviews?

  • FAQs


    Significance of Automated Interview Scheduling

    Previously, the traditional way of recruiting includes the pre-screening of candidates, manual screening, scheduling, and interviewing with further processes including the aptitude test if applicable. This sounds too tough on recruiters when there is a long waiting list of candidates waiting to be met When hundreds or thousands of candidates can apply to your job listings in a short time and organisations are also in urgent need. To fill the vacant position, interviewing hundreds of candidates puts a huge workload on recruiters’ shoulders. 

    This point presents an opportunity to improve the efficiency of your recruitment and hiring strategy. 

    Automated scheduling uses data from business, user-defined parameters, and artificial intelligence to select the best employee for a particular shift. With a single tap or click, we can instruct the software to find and schedule the interview processes with the candidate. 


    Why Automate Interview Scheduling?

    1. Reduce hiring time

     The recruiter, as well as the candidate, can schedule or reschedule their interview as per mutual availability.

    1. Automatic reminders

    By using automated interview scheduling, a reminder can be given out to both the interviewer and the candidate before an interview. With the availability of a customize option, you can set personalized reminders according to you. 

    1. Integrate calendars

    The calendar gets automatically updated according to the interview slot gets booked and both the recruiter and the applicant are notified as soon as a meeting is confirmed, rescheduled, or cancelled.

    1. Avoid cancellations

    Emails and SMS have played an important role in avoiding cancellations, adding upon the feature of reminders which prevents the cancellations from both the recruiters and candidates which leads to timely completion of the interview process and the further processes are done easily and fast.

    1. Enhanced candidate experience

    Automated interview scheduling helps to reduce the stress on the recruiters and makes the interview process smooth and breezy. 

    The ultimate target of automated interview scheduling is to enhance every candidate’s experience. 

    1. Convenient 

    These new technologies have enabled convenience in each and every aspect of working in organisations. To minimise the burden on organisations and also the working, this artificial intelligence has enabled the recruitment system to get easily accessible and convenient. 

    1. Eliminates Interview Stress

    Job interviewing can be anxiety-filled for many people. Virtual interviewing eliminates some of the unnecessary added stress like

    1.  picking out the right attire, 
    2. getting stuck in traffic,

     Interviewing virtually enables candidates to interview from a comfortable space and bring their best foot forward. 

    1. Transparent scheduling is done

    Transparency is created between both parties which reduces any biases and other wrong activities which exhibit an impression of a biased one.


    How does AIS Improve the Working of an Organization?

    The following steps include how in software, attributes for candidates are preinstalled which helps in easy accessibility of the software 

    • The precise way how Automated scheduling takes place in an organisation when any candidates need to be selected, all begins with entering the parameters for your business. 
    • Some of the variables are preinstalled in the software depending on the requirements of the organisation and the skills they require for that position. These include 
      • Skills
      • Business budget
      • Sales data
      • Ability
      • Employee availability
      • Over time limits
      • Part-time/full-time status
      • Absenteeism 
      • Forecasts 

    After analysing the rest of all the aspects,  the last step is to instruct the software to place names according to employee availability, overtime limits, skills, absent rates, sales data and ability in that job. The artificial intelligence removes all the other variables for the candidate and finds which becomes eligible for the position and the interview the best fit and creates the schedule accordingly.

    The steps involved while interviewing the candidate are as follows : 

    1. Pre-screening of the  candidates

    Automated scheduling is a time-saver, but also helps in accurately comparing and contrasting candidates. It also minimizes the time associated with phone screens by administering pre-recorded video interviews. Pre-questions are decided and installed in the software to minimise the time and finish the process soon with the answers answered by the candidate. These questions are then distributed to candidates and complete the process. The videos are recorded and lately analysed by panelist and are set aside by them. Pre-recorded video interviews are particularly helpful during the initial screening process when interviewing a high number of candidates.

    2. Complex scheduling is simplified 

    Implementing the interview scheduling software to provide candidates with available time slots, and it’s the candidate’s choice to schedule their slots at the preferred time, based on availability and feasibility.

    3. Interviewing depending on feasibility 

    Interviewing the candidates according to feasibility, let be audio calls or video calls or workshops or team calls where multiple panelist recruit them using mobile recruiting apps. The resumes or Cvs of the candidates are easily uploaded on the software which is sent to all the panelists and accordingly, the process takes place. Progress through the interview process faster than your competitors, knowing you’ve captured all pertinent candidate information, away from the confines of your desk.

    4. Build branded talent pipelines

    Speed up the interview process by building talent communities, so you have a consistent pipeline of engaged candidates. Source candidates directly from your talent community to cut down on candidate discovery and up-front vetting. Help talent community members get to know your company through videos that showcase the culture, company updates and skill-specific content that might pique their interest.

    5. Evaluation 

    Online and mobile evaluations reduce the amount of time required to collect interviewer feedback. Assign evaluations to interviewers and automate follow-up reminders to interviewers to ensure evaluations are completed promptly.

    6. Recruiting operations 

     A CRM can help automate the recruiting process and process you with the information you need to make smart hiring choices. A CRM can integrate with the other tools you use and can help you access your candidates’ information in one place. Using a candidate relationship management system to eliminate tedious tasks within the recruiting process With a CRM, we can use scheduling software to gather accurate information to effectively recruit a particular college campus.


    Should Organizations Automate the Interviews?

    Recruitment across industries has faced a lot of challenges in the previous year. Some other challenges for the interview schedule include:

    1. Cost 
    2. Finding meet rooms 
    3. Rescheduling 
    4. Confirmation delay from both parties 
    5. Waiting from both recruiters and candidates
    6. Last-minute changes 
    7. Time zone 
    8. Accuracy and reliability 
    9. Adapting to different formats 
    10. Adaptability to all organisations 

    After analysing both the pros and cons of this new feature, it should be kept in mind the new technologies introduced in the organisation also bring both pros and cons. It is the organization’s decision to implement it or not, considering all the perspectives.

     Technologies like AI and Data Science have proven to help organizations overcome all of these challenges and provide additional benefits that increase their organizational scalability and productivity. 


     With more technological advancements every day, we are caught up in the web of the new tech world, but this new tech world has eased up the working of any organization and also has caught up with most industries and the smaller tasks they conduct. The scheduling and management of interviews are no exception.

     Online scheduling software has added cost to the operations of the organisation but has also reduced the burden of the organisation in recruiting and also reduced the time it was previously taken while scrutinising thousands of applications and now this software is now readily available to all-sized organizations and for all scheduling needs, irrespective of the scope, budgets of organisations the number of staff members. 

    This technology has transformed the complex processes of interviews which previously were time-consuming and lengthy processes as well and enables them to run more efficiently and profitably.



    1. How has AIS impacted the post-pandemic world?

    Post pandemic covid crisis, when job interview process taking became a concern for organizations. So to overcome this concern, this software was introduced for scheduling the interviews virtually or through calls. In order to overcome geographical constraints, video interviewing is definitely a great choice. 

    1. Is there any post-interview evaluation available?

    It provides templates which can help in evaluating the candidates’ post there interview video submissions. These templates can be predefined by the hiring manager on the parameters of their choice such as personality traits, work experience and other skill checks with respect to the job.

    1.  Is it easy for candidates and recruiters to get accustomed to the setup?

     In order to help them get accustomed to this environment, we provide a demo option before starting the actual interview. This will help them play around with the platform and understand the difficulties or problems before submitting their actual answers.

    1. Is it a replacement for HRs? 

    This software is not a replacement for HRs. It is just reducing the burden of HRs when thousands of applicants come and pre-screening of their resumes, tests, and then scheduling. A healthy long process is minimised and the process gets finished in a few hours after scheduling the interview. 

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