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Hybrid Hiring: How AI and Humans are Transforming Recruitment

In recent times, one of the hottest technologies in the HR domain is the use of AI (Artificial intelligence) to catch up with all decision-making and facilitate hiring processes. Many organizations use this technology to improve employee engagement, workforce management, planning processes, and other things as well. The employer is no longer the king as the candidates are the king. Candidates want to be treated as if they have vast opportunities in the market. With AI automating every task like shortlisting the candidate’s application, scheduling interviews and updating the candidate’s status, HR gets freed up on a deeper level. In this blog, let’s understand the importance of AI and its impact on transforming the recruitment world.

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  • According to one of the leading recruitment sites, recruiters using AI found it to be most useful in sourcing the candidates (58%), screening candidates (56%), and nurturing candidates (55%)

  • According to certain reports, AI helps to drive a positive candidate experience which has become the most expected norm for major candidates.

  • According to one of the leading recruitment sites, 35% of talented professionals and hiring managers say that AI is the top trend impacting how they hire candidates

Significance of AI in Transforming the Recruitment

In the conventional mode of hiring, the recruitment is always done based on feelings and other perspectives whereas, AI brings an unbiased view to the recruitment process, for example, AI shortlists candidates based on the job needs and skill set for a certain position. AI helps the employers write a right job ad and description for directing the candidates to apply for relevant job positions. It empowers companies to hire candidates for secret projects without revealing those job positions to irrelevant candidates. Without AI, recruiters are forced to search for candidates from a database using keywords, but as AI comes in, it helps you not only rely on the keywords but to verify documents as a whole and see the expertise and skill of the candidates as well. AI can truly save time in different parts of the recruitment process especially with writing text, analyzing candidates and communication. With AI, you can contact eligible candidates directly and fill any open positions faster. AI helps to enhance the employer brand by giving personalized feedback to each candidate and recommending the most suitable candidates for the concerned position.

Why it is Important to Use AI for Recruitment

Recruitment was once an entirely human charge that departed from the mounds of resumes, telephones to the applicant tracking systems, artificial intelligence and chatbots. Recruitment, a process deeply rooted in human interaction where personalisation is impossible to imagine without artificial intelligence. For recruiters, it’s been a knack to sniff the right candidates whereas with AI, the future of recruiting can be re-imagined. So, let’s understand some of the following factors of AI that transform the future of recruitment.

  • Manually screening resumes is still the most time-consuming part of recruitment where AI can come into existence to boost and transform the process.
  • AI looks promising as it simplifies processes by improving the quality of hires to standardise matching between a candidate’s experience, knowledge, skills, and the respective job requirements
  • AI acts as a personal assistant to recruiters and has the potential to automate many of the mundane tasks that consumes a major chunk of time like scheduling interviews, shortlisting candidates, and much more
  • AI improves a candidate’s experience and engagement by eliminating hindrances, barriers, and any other complications that may stop them from enhancing such experiences.
  • AI collects data and recommends relevant candidates to employers for them to bring the right candidates into the recruitment process.
  • AI creates a more effective hiring funnel, which as a result, has a positive impact on long-term ROI
  • AI, when infused in the recruitment process, can reduce the dilemma of shortlisting candidates based on their applications and helps recruiters move through the interview process faster
  • By allowing AI to pull the past applicants who may fit the concerned job, recruiters can save time and money but not spending time in connecting with new candidates
  • AI enhances the online applications of candidates by tracking keywords, speech flows, and other data points to examine and prioritize the application.

How to Utilize the AI Technology to Transform the Recruitment

Industry experts believe that the future of AI is augmented intelligence. It is not the concept of completely replacing the role of humans in recruitment, instead it suggests that we should look through the technology to enhance human aptitude and efficiency. Implementing diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies are the top priorities for many organizations. AI-powered fit scoring can help you connect with a diverse set of high-performing candidates.

Candidate Sourcing:

Sourcing candidates can help recruiters find and connect with required talents faster. Some of the tools that help in sourcing candidates across social media platforms, job boards, or internal databases to fill open positions act as contributing factors to such candidate sourcings. It also helps in marketing efforts and helps recruiters connect with candidates on a real-time basis.

Candidate Screening:

One of the most important and time consuming processes in the recruitment process is screening the candidates. By using AI one can derive relevant information from applications to speed up this process step by step. From resume parsing to behavioral assessments, candidate screening plays an important role to scout the right talent.

Candidate Interview:

AI based interviews are now being used across several job interviews to identify a candidates personality traits by assessing their word choices, speech patterns and facial expressions in order to assist in determining whether they are fit for the job position or not. Some of the prominent companies like Unilever, Dell Technologies, Deloitte, Infosys & ITC have started using AI to shortlist candidates based on their AI score.

Provide Chatbots:

Recruitment chatbots can offer real time updates and information as they provide a chance to candidates to ask questions about the job requirement, provide helpful feedback and suggestions about those job requirements and recruitment timelines. It also assesses the  candidates by asking screening questions such as legal work status and past experience.

Streaming Recruitment Flows:

Scouting the right candidates can be a bit time-consuming and quite challenging for hiring managers, especially in large enterprises. By automating the high volume recruitment tasks such as scheduling interviews, screening candidates, providing job information and updating the candidate’s status using AI, a reduced time to hire the right candidates can gain recruiters the upper hand over their competitors.

Candidate Relationship:

The employee candidate relationship has always been the core to any hiring process. As it is the candidate driven market, AI has become highly practical in this department. You can automate the process of reaching passive candidates and maintain high engagement to improve the consistency with which your brand communicates with the potential hires.

Increased Quality of Hire:

When it comes to screening applicants, the role of AI isn’t limited to simply saving you time as mentioned above. It also allows you to determine a more precise set of parameters to define your job matching needs, giving you a far greater degree of control over who ends up making it to the interview stage. This improvement in quality of hire is crucial for ensuring high employee engagement, maximizing the revenue per employee, and minimizing employee turnover rates.

Is It Important to Use AI for All Recruitment Processes?

Definitely, the answer is YES! By using AI one can predict which candidates are suitable for the respective job roles and responsibilities for any open position. As it increases the upsurge in productivity, engagement and retention in the longer run is ensured. AI  improves the high value tasks by enhancing the candidate value proposition, engaging passive candidates, and improves the candidates on-boarding experience.


So far we have discussed the importance of AI and humans in recruitment and the impacts of it on the hiring process. Now it’s your turn to understand and acknowledge all the above factors in your recruitment process and witness some wonders in recruitment. Happy hiring!


  1. How is AI affecting recruitment?

Predictive analytics are used by AI-powered preselection tools to estimate a candidate’s chance of being successful in a position. This enables hiring managers and recruiters to make data-driven choices rather than those based on intuition.

  1. How is AI used in talent acquisition?

AI has a big impact on hiring and talent acquisition, from finding potential employees to onboarding and engaging them. AI solutions are used by recruiters and talent acquisition specialists to find candidates more effectively, evaluate them more thoroughly, and onboard them more rapidly.

  1. What are the top three advantages of using AI in employment firms for businesses? 

AI can assist you by providing writing advice for your job post or perhaps creating it entirely for you. Additionally, you may utilize chatbots and matching technology to guide prospects toward appropriate job postings and to conduct pre-screening on your behalf. You may hire people for hidden roles using AI chatbots.

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