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How Your Personal Branding Efforts Can Help Your Company?


Personal branding is the marketing of an individual, which is evaluated through their online presence. Personal branding helps to set the tone for the business success and also increases company's credibility. A rise in the digital ecosystem in India has paved the way for every business vertical to make inroads into the market and provide valuable services globally. At this point, it becomes necessary to consider branding.New brands appear in the market almost every day, but others disappear. Is there a reason? What makes a few brands more popular than others in the market? But, why? Similarly, there are a lot of questions that come to mind. Branding is the answer to all the questions. 


Industries are changing rapidly; consumers are considered the king who controls the entire market. To provide top-notch experience and services for the consumers, business and personal branding must incline with each other. So, personal and business branding is essential, and the two different entities work for the same identity. Successful business brands depend on personal branding. In this blog, let’s understand how personal branding plays a vital role in any success.


Table Of Contents

  • Significance of Personal Branding for the Company’s Growth
  • Why does Personal Branding Help the Company’s Success?
  • How to Build A Personal Branding that Works for the Company?
  • Should an Employee Build a Personal Branding for the Company’s Success?
  • FAQs


Latest Update:

  • According to Stackla, 86% of consumers say that authenticity is the key factor when deciding what brands they like and support
  • As per the Staffing industry, 69% of potential employees would reject a job offer if it came from a company with a poor reputation 
  • According to Nielson consumer survey, only 33% of buyers trust messages that comes from individuals' social media accounts


Significance of Personal Branding for the Company’s Growth:


“Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room” - Jeff Bezos 

The concept of business branding is to build a brand value out of which the money gets generated. Personal branding is in no way different from business branding. Instead of marketing a particular business or product, the company founder will be branding their persona. 


What Is Personal Branding?


In the queue of branding and marketing strategies, personal branding stands out as it builds the strategic activity to establish the individual’s persona as a brand to the target audience. For example, if someone types their name in google and sees the search engine results. It shows the complete persona of the individual. It is obtained by culminating the job titles, skills, experience, and entire personality. An individual’s persona defines their story. Sometimes personal branding outshines more than the company itself. Some good examples could be Elon Musk Jack Dorsey. 


Then, why can't someone do that personally? They would have come across many social media influencers, entrepreneurs who have represented the specific brand and leveraged the brand value in recent times. 


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Why Does The Personal Branding Efforts Help For The Company’s Success?


Personal Branding isn’t that easy, but once it is done, it will do wonders. For getting it, one must have patience, focus and less gratification. 


  • Personal branding can help to get all the powers and the control
  • Having a personal brand will help someone to stand out from the crowd by holding up with firm social media profiles
  • Personal branding can help one to determine where they’re heading into (either goals or aspirations)
  • When someone builds a strong identity, it provides an opportunity to work on developing the values and edge across the personal level
  • With the personal brand, one can start meeting new people, getting networked with them, posting content online, sharing ideas, and attending conferences can help your business with the brand positioning, reach, exposure, and getting new customers
  • Having a personal brand will increase credibility, which reflects in the business 
  • Personal branding will help to grow someone’s image alongside the company, as it allows the person to showcase their thoughts, leadership, unique ideas, and expertise
  • Strong personal branding will help to build the relationship across thought leaders, domain experts, and business people, which allows one to leverage businesses across new dimensions
  • Personal branding will help to offer valuable services at great pricing for their clients
  • Personal branding will help one to establish a valuable connection instead of chasing them
  • Personal branding will help to increase more number of sales by the leads generated through social media platforms
  • Personal branding provides a competitive edge for the individuals when they represent the brands across every social media platforms


How to Build A Personal Branding that Works for the Company?


Personal branding has gained momentum for the past few years as the market is competitive day by day. Building a personal brand isn’t that simple. Someone’s branding needs to be built in such a way that it's easily communicated verbally, behaviors and actions.


Following are the steps to build an effective personal brand.


Understand The Need For Personal Brand:


To be successful, one must have a personal brand. But how does it help? As an employee, someone may have already built their business brand. It includes their  overall purpose, values, and the brand's benefits. Check out their tangible elements like logo, design, colors, typography, and learn how they’re different from their competitors. So behind every business brand, there is a personal brand. 


Find the Customer:


While building a personal brand, every newbie fails to find the target customers. Two questions in mind are, who is the customer? What is the niche? Make sure to analyze for whom the contents get produced. Once it is done, the person will get an idea and precision to take things forward.


Build A Website:


If someone has business accounts across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any, what they’d be doing is building a brand in the property they don’t own. Instead, they can have their website. The person can post all their content on the website and share it across every social media platform. It will increase the number of views, brand recognition, and revenue generation. This way, one can understand how their personal branding can sell a business.


Write Contents:


Building a personal brand doesn’t happen instantly. It takes a lot of time to build brand awareness for the niche target audience. One of the ways to stay engaged with the customer is to create and publish content. Writing an article every week and following the content creation system will establish itself. This helps the people to build their brand. 


Figure Out the Passion:


The brand must align and reflect all the likes and interests. Always try to brand a persona based on passion. For example, if someone is passionate about public speaking skills and ambition in that field of expertise, they can build the brand based on it.


Expand the Social Footprints:


Create a profile that reflects one’s works, skills, interests, ambition and passion across social media platforms like Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter. Always make sure to provide information clear and consistent that ideally reflects their brand.


Develop A Plan:


Develop a plan to leverage the brand with career plans, goals and targets. This will help them analyze the GTM strategies and groom the identity to a more user convincing level.


Add A Story:


One effective way to build a personal brand is through the narrative. Start developing a story that must correlate with the persona and convince the audience to understand its need. It’s easy to say who the person is and what they do professionally, but a blah blah description about the person will not create any difference in the market. Think about presenting the story with something unique. Developing an idea for someone can help the person understand what to achieve and other attributes.


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Should You Be Building Personal Branding For Your Company’s Success?


No more second thoughts! Someone who wants to build a personal brand must be comfortable with the concept of compounding. Once building a perfect personal brand, their options for selling is limitless.  So, let’s understand the benefits of having a personal brand that leverages the overall business growth.

1. Gain Recognition:

As the entrepreneur build the personal brand strategy, it increases brand recognition. Whenever someone sees a blog post or any online activity, the author will be the first one to get recognized. Every time, the person would need to mention their activity as it gets recognized easily. Some of the reputed persona who carried the value of their brand like Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Tony Robbins, Oprah Winfrey, etc.

2. Easy To Build Relationships:

Personal branding benefits the person in building a relationship with someone instantly. Many entrepreneurs and marketers were too busy to expand their business footprints rather than building relationships. Growing with a strong relationship is a high matter, as it helps the employer grow both professionally and personally. 

3. Grow The Followers:

When do more people get to know about someone? Or what do they do? Allowing others to contact them when they've built a great personal brand will gain more followers over Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It can either be the big celebrities or random social media influencers.

4. Easy To Target Audience:

One of the crucial parts of having a great personal brand is having huge followers and getting segmented by the respective target audience. These people will not need to take much effort into marketing and branding to grab the public's attention. Instead, the personalized activities will eventually help save them time and money to invest in branding.

5. Stands Out From The Crowd:

Building a personal brand strategy will help one stay unique and distinguish their business from the competitors. No matter how efficient and influential someone is, having a personal brand will help them better.

6. More Opportunities:

Having a strong personal brand will help produce a significant number of opportunities. It can be through job interviews, internships, networking, promotions, partnerships, and a lot more. A personal brand is the building block for success that enhances one with more number goals, both professionally and personally, that helps to advance in the career. 

7. Increase Revenue:

Personal branding can help increase sales, revenue, and growth of the business or products. It assists in manifesting someone as an authority and helps grab new opportunities like business deals or marketing partnerships. Customers will identify and match the persona with the business. 

8. Make Selling Easy:

Personal branding with a great story will help sell the products way easier. For example, Let’s take maggie’s “Miss you maggie” campaign. The brand created a strong storyline and made its users express how they missed maggie during its ban. It created a significant impact across the FMCG industry as the story related to every maggie lover. This depicts a brand with a strong storyline that would leverage the brand value. It’s even applicable for the personal brand as well.




Suppose that if one does not define the brand, others will describe it. So building an effective personal brand can attract new people with trust, reflecting on the goals. Personally, it will help one enlighten on your career aspirations and more for a meaningful life.


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1.What do I need to know about personal branding?

Personal branding is all about marketing yourself and working as a brand. As it helps you to build networks and unlocks many business opportunities

Q2.How do you build a solid personal brand?

Determine where you need to fit yourself

Find your target audience

Pay attention to nuances

Meet new people and build a network

Keep an elevator pitch

Q3.How important is personal branding?

Effective personal branding will help you differentiate from your competition and build trust with prospective clients and target audiences. It helps to stand out from the crowd, get new business opportunities, unlock revenue channels and much more.

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