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Curated Best Tips to Write a Job Application Letter (Sample Formats)

While job hunting, is it necessary to write a job application letter? This question may have haunted many job seekers. The cover letter and the job application letter are amazing opportunities to impress the hiring manager. It could boost your chance of getting hired if done right. This blog brings some most effective curated tips to write a job application letter. This application letter for the job is indeed beneficial. To demonstrate their interest in the open position at the desired company, candidates must know how to write a job application letter. Employers can better understand a candidate's personality by reading these job applications rather than reading an out-of-date two-page resume that talks in bullet points.

In this article, job seekers who apply to jobs online can learn how to write letters that stand out and make an effective application letter.


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Significance of a Job Application Letter:

As part of their job application, applicants are encouraged to submit a cover letter, resume, and application letter to the company to make themselves stand out. A job application letter is written to convince an employer of a candidate's eligibility for the active job opening.


Why Write A Job Application Format Letter?

A job application is different from a resume, which outlines a job seeker's skills, accomplishments and work experience. The job application format:


  • Briefly explains why the candidate is the right person for the job
  • It gives an idea of why they should be shortlisted for an interview
  • Well crafted job applications present a positive image of the applicant as a professional
  • It can help the candidate to make a favourable impression on the employer

How do you send a job application letter?


Job seekers must send the application letter to the employer with their resume by email. They can also upload the same on the employer’s portal, where candidates are asked to register, fill out the application form and upload supporting documents.


When a company posts a vacancy on the job apps, usually their job description includes the preferred method of contact, and one should always follow the instructions provided by the company. For an email application, candidates should write a relevant and concise subject line that mentions the job title.


Tips for writing a job application letter


Candidates writing the format of application letter must express their interest in the position and detail why they think they are the best fit for the job. They should also include their educational qualifications, professional skills developed over the years, and work experience. Candidates can follow these steps to write an appealing job application letter that could convince a manager to hire them.


  1. Check the job advertisement properly

    A candidate should first and foremost read the job description carefully. They can then note the organisation’s requirements and compare them with their qualifications. The candidate should highlight the key phrases and expressions companies have used in their job descriptions when they apply to jobs online. Applicants may include them in their job application letter format. This practice gives the employer the confidence that the candidate has read the job posting and understands what they are looking for.


  3. Review letter formats

    It is also good to look at the accepted professional letter formats available on the internet and adapt those ideas. For example, candidates can use left alignment in their job application letter with single spacing, a professional font of 10 to 12 points and one-inch margins. This will make the application letter format look clean and easy to read through. One must always try to keep the information short, crisp and concise.


  5. Write a transparent header

    Candidates sending the job application letter via speed post or courier must include the following details in the application format for job:


    Name Address Email ID Phone number Date


    One can also write the name of their employer or hiring manager, the name of the company and its address on the envelope. If the candidates send an application letter via email, it is not advisable to mention their personal information in the header. If they wish to share that information with the employer, they can add it below their signature.


  7. Address it to the right person

    Before sending the job application email or applying for jobs online, find out the recruiter’s name or the hiring manager. Now, make sure the email is addressed to the right person. For example:


    Hello, Mr./Mrs./Ms. …. Dear Mr./Mrs./Ms. …. And follow that with their surname.


    If unable to find their name, write "To the Hiring Manager" or "Sir/Madam." Addressing the right person with their name will give an impression that they are taking a professional and courteous approach.


  9. Start by showing interest in the job

    The subject line of an online job application letter should read "Job Application for (job title)". The applicant must introduce themselves in the opening paragraph and state what they are looking for. They may also mention where they saw the job advertisement. The job letter can also include information about their education, skills and work experience and what qualifies them for the current job vacancy within the same paragraph.


  11. Describe eligibility for the job

    The candidate can elaborate further on their work experience, their courses, and their domain knowledge in the second paragraph. The simple job application letter format are given here. It is essential to explain how these qualifications help the job seekers to meet the job requirements. They could mention the following:


    • Specific projects where they had successfully shouldered similar job responsibilities.
    • Explain their work experience in a way that allows the recruiter or the hiring manager to know about their capabilities for the job position.
    • Mention all the relevant certification courses they have completed in the last few years
    • Explain their employment gap, if there is any
    • Explain how they wish to contribute to the company and what are their long term goals
    • Write what part of the job description attracted them the most and why

  13. Highlight the achievements

    Employers will surely be interested in knowing about a candidate's accomplishments in the relevant field. Further, the candidates could also mention their qualifications that match the job to strengthen their eligibility. Applicants for customer-oriented positions might mention their outgoing personalities, making it easy to work well with various people. Furthermore, they can describe how their decisiveness and good communication skills make them a good team player.


  15. End the letter with a ‘thank you.’

    Finally, the candidates can express their appreciation by thanking the recruiter for taking the time to read their job application letter format in a polite and professional tone. Applicants can conclude the letter with a statement like— "I look forward to hearing from you," followed by "Sincerely" or "Best Regards" and write their full name and signature below that. If they have submitted a paper copy of the job application letter, they’ll have to add their signature above their full name.


Should You Send A Job Application Letter


Most candidates usually draft and save a copy of a job application letter sent to potential employers. This typically helps the candidates to stand out from the crowd of applicants. In most cases, hiring managers review and shortlist well-customized application letters rather than generic ones. There are also different requirements for separate jobs, and the candidate should write their resume/CV according to the job profile.


Sections of job application letter:


Keep it straight and formal. There are rules for the sections of the job application letter. From salutation to sign-off, a candidate must know how the letter is to be formatted.


Get a quick lowdown on the main sections of the job application letter and how to write them:


  • The job application letter should always start with both the candidate’s and the employer's contact information
  • Add name, address, phone number, email followed by the date.
  • If it’s an online job application letter, rather than the paper one, add the contact information at the end of the letter, after the signature.
  • eep the tone polite. Ensure there is a salutation before the surname starts, and the letter is easy to read.

A job application letter is critical for applying for jobs on job apps. A candidate shortlisting may depend on this application letter for job. Including the keywords found in the job posting on the job apps in your application letter is the sure-shot way of getting shortlisted. And make sure to use a business letter format to make it professional. The only time to not send a cover letter is if a job post has explicitly asked not to send out an application. So, applicant’s can follow these tips and write an effective application letter.

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