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How to Thank Someone for Their Time?

After giving a fabulous interview shot with the company, every job-seeking candidate can say Thank You to the recruiter post-interview. Showing gratitude is essential to every job seeking a candidate to increase their social interaction personally or professionally. It offers excellent value for job seekers and increases the chance of landing a job. For the organization, scouting the right candidate can help them with positive work culture, elevates morale, and provides comprehensive benefits for the individual.

When the recruiters/hiring managers share their time with the job-seeking candidates while recruiting, the candidates can acknowledge and thank them for reaching out with an opportunity. Expressing gratitude can help the candidates to build relationships with others that benefit their career. In this blog, let's understand how to thank someone for spending their valuable time in interviewing you.

Content List Latest Updates:
  • According to a TopResume study, 68% of the Thank you notes have impacted the interviewer's decisions.
  • With Roberthalf study, 22% of employers are less likely to hire a candidate who doesn't send a Thank You note, and 91% of hiring people are likely to be thanked.
  • Nearly one in five interviewers(16%) have ultimately dismissed a candidate because they didn’t receive a Thank You email or note for an interview (Source: TopResume)
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Significance of Thanking Someone

"We must find time to stop and thank the people who can make a difference in our lives"

- John F Kennedy.

In today's fast-growing hyper-connected world, every company looks to scout the right candidate to fill their workforce. The candidates from different backgrounds were evaluated across various criteria, either by the recruiters or the hiring folks. So, the candidate needs to show up gratitude when they get an interview opportunity and respect the time shared by the hiring team. Showing up a token of love or appreciation for the hiring team by the candidates can make them land their dream job. Grateful people always stay healthier than others as it improves their psychological health. It shows more sensitivity and empathy towards other people.

While expressing "Thank you for your time" and looking forward to another meeting" shows that time spent with the hiring panel was more valuable and efficient. Showing gratefulness to someone is a great way to take action with the future in mind. Greeting someone decreases social comparisons and improves the self-esteem of an individual. Greeting someone who has spent their time evaluating the candidate enhances great relationships, develops loyalty to the specific person, and motivates them to go the extra mile.


Why does Thanking Someone Increase the Individual's Career Prospect?

"Nothing we do is more important than hiring and developing people. You bet on people, not strategies"

- Lawrence Bossidy, COO, General Electric.

Sending Thank You emails or greeting the recruiters directly for giving an interview opportunity is unquestioned advice to job-seeking candidates. This provides confidence for the interviewers to reach out to the candidates who have sent the Thank you note for further interview, and then the chances for the candidate getting hired are higher. Others who haven't sent the Thank you notes might automatically get rejected. Whenever possible, these notes of appreciation can be used professionally. Cultivating gratitude to greet someone or send Thank You notes doesn't cost money or time. Instead, it brings tremendous value to the company.

Some of the factors that increase the individual career prospects by thanking someone for spending their time:

  • Thanking someone either through notes or saying directly can help the individual stand out from the crowd of job-seeking professional
  • Delivering Thank you messages can help the candidates to develop their communication skills
  • Thank you notes to the hiring team can increase the likelihood of the recruiters considering the candidate's application, and the chances of getting hired are high.
  • A Thank You note can boost the morale and positive vibes for the hiring professionals.
  • By Thank You notes, one can create a harmonious work relationship with the hiring managers.
  • If the candidate has failed in cracking the interview, the Thank You notes can help them get referred if any job opening arises in the future.
  • Gratitude is never overrated as the Thank You note can make the hiring folks trust the candidate and offer some good opportunities.
  • It makes the hiring folks feel how important the candidate has considered the opportunity and shows gratefulness to the one interviewed.
  • It helps the candidates to build healthy relationships with the hiring team and leverage their careers.
  • A Thank You note keeps the hiring team upbeat and goes a long way in boosting getting things done.
  • A Thank You note is a personal touch for the recruiters and motivates them to quickly speed up the hiring process.
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How to Thank Someone for Considering You for a Job?

Showing gratitude is something every individual is taught at an early stage. It is the proper way to show gratefulness when needed. Reaching the job search stage, where one must send the Thank You Notes to the hiring team who has offered them an opportunity is essential. A Thank You notes are crucial to seal the deal, so one must get it right.

It's time to keep in mind some of the following metrics to be considered while sending an effective Thank You note:

Concise Subject Lines:

A good rule of thumb is to keep the subject lines of the Thank You note very short. The critical factor is to use as few characters as possible to thank someone for their time.

Mention Something Specific:

Personalize the Thank You note with the specific skills, problems, or experience the hiring manager looks for. A candidate can mention the solution and define how they fit into the position to resolve it with a unique solution.

Convey Interest:

A hiring manager focuses on the skillsets and the interest that the candidate shows in the opportunity. So, it is essential to show interest in an option by the candidate to stand out from the crowd. Thank You note one such medium to express the candidate's interest in how do they fit into the position.

Include Contact Information:

A candidate must fill out everything, including the full name, email, and phone number. Each employer may differ from person to person, so it is essential to draft the Thank You note contents and contact information to be listened to by the hiring managers instantly.

Be Clear:

Before sending the Thank You note, read it carefully and thoroughly. Avoid typos, misspells, or irrelevant information added to the Thank You note. It is essential to avoid being too casual, accidentally attaching something inappropriate, or making other follow-up mistakes like a professional.

Focus On Future:

Plan to add the future goals on Thank You note to make the hiring managers understand career goals. Alternatively, share an interest to know the next step of the hiring process if the interviewer hasn't disclosed it yet.

Timing Is Everything:

Send the Thank You notes within 24 hours of the phone, video, or in-person interview. If the candidate looks to stand out from other applicants, Thank You note one such medium to create a good impression.


Should an Individual Thank Someone Directly or through Notes?

Thank You note a big deal. It could make the difference between landing the job or the one that misses out. So, it is essential to send the Thank You notes to the hiring managers as soon as possible to develop a positive impression and increases the chance of getting hired. When it comes to showing gratitude either directly or through notes, it's better to follow any method. But make sure to do this within 24 or 48 hours of the interview to consider the application for further process of the hiring cycle.


Post-interview short Thank You notes are pretty easy to write. The candidates can send them after the phone, video, or in-person interviews in a short while. Crafting a good Thank You note with the points mentioned above can helps the candidate land their dream job and create significant value in the work culture. If the candidate is interviewed by a team or with a panel of contacts, send Thank You notes individually or as a group. Keep the Thank You note concise and effective so that the hiring team can understand the interest and reach out to the candidates with the new opportunities.


FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How do you send a Thank You note to the recruiter?

Thank You notes should be sincere and tell the interview team why their team's investment is worth it. Enthusiasm on the job and why you will be an excellent fit for the company need to be added.

2. How do you email a recruiter saying Thank You?

This note aims to be swift and proficient in your communication if the company is looking to hire someone immediately. Email subject line: Thank you for the interview. Hi Tom, I wanted to say how much I appreciate you setting time aside for last week's meeting.

3. Should you send Thank You note to the recruiter?

A Thank You note should be send by the candidates post-interview. It helps to get the hiring manager's attention, display skills and experience and demonstrate the value you bring to the company.

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