How to Improve Your Public Speaking Skills?

Building a personal brand is way more critical in this competitive job market. As it keeps you stand out from the pool of job-seeking candidates. There are many ways to build your brand or development. One such thing is to improve public speaking skills. Public speaking is one of the best ways of making your personal development across many levels.

As a motivational speaker, public speaking can leverage your skill set to the next level in terms of group discussion and political debate. It helps you to reach all your career goals and allows you to stay motivated. Improve public speaking skills to help you network with your fellow like-minded folks. So every individual must develop their public speaking skill. In this blog, let’s discuss the importance of public speaking skills and how to improve public speaking skills efficiently.


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Facts and Figures

  • According to a Forbes study, about 10% of people love public speaking. That group experiences no fear and gets a massive buzz in front of a large crowd.
  • According to Kennesaw State University, audience attention level peaks after the presenter has used humor or moved closer to the audience, or began taking off the script.
  • According to a Forbes study, people are 22 times more likely to remember facts when they are presented in the form of a story.


Significance of Public Speaking Skill

Every touchpoint of our life encounters that public speaking is very important. It can be any place like school, college, workplace, or any of your personal life; public speaking plays a prominent role. Effective public speaking can help you with career advancement, including creativity, personality, critical thinking, leadership quality, professionalism, and much more. It allows you to boost your self-confidence. Public speaking comes as a medicine to overcome fears and insecurities. It is an excellent way to build your critical thinking skills. It leverages your communication for both personal and professional development. It improves your relationship, social interactions, and work situations.

Public speaking places are the proper forum to meet all your like-minded people. It increases your social interactions and helps you to make social connections. It is a widespread phobia right up with spiders and heights. It allows you to grow your network and increase your fanbase. It is a powerful way to make every individual gets motivated and makes them work as a team.

Public speaking skills can increase your leadership quality to drive change. It makes you more conscious of your time management and improves your vocal variety, articulation, props, and storytelling. It improves your fluency and expresses your message way differently for different audiences. It reduces your stage fear and makes you think spontaneously to tackle any complex situation. So, it pays to know the tips to improve public speaking skills.


Why are Public Speaking Skills Important?

Communication is the backbone of our society. It allows us to make a discussion, brainstorm, influence decisions, and motivate. Without communication, it is a hardship to leverage your quality of life. Public speaking is one of your communication’s most essential and dreaded parts. In this competitive world, public speaking is one of the vital skills to have for professional life from the interaction between co-workers, employees, bosses, marketing professionals, clients, etc. It creates an enormous impact n your career path and results in wonders across every walk of your life.

Let’s understand even more about why it is essential to have public speaking skills:

  • A public speaking skill can help you to communicate the complex statements in a very feasible or easy manner to your fellow people
  • It allows you to guide someone to perform a specific task in a well-defined manner
  • Public speaking will help attract others as it is one of the most valuable skills to have
  • Public speaking can be helpful to entertain your audience either at your workplace, college, school, or anywhere during the time of any events or gathering.
  • It helps your audience get motivated when they feel your speech is valuable and inspiring.Informing your thoughts someone is one of the most challenging things to do, but in public speaking, everything becomes easy.
  • Public speaking helps you even more if you are working across some business occupations like sales, marketing, and much more to achieve your target.
  • An excellent public speaker will be more comfortable with the interviews and convince your people to work on your thoughts and ideas.
  • Public speaking gives you self-satisfaction, making you feel better and more positive.
  • Public speaking is an effective medium to deliver your messages to the audience and influence them wisely.


How to Improve Public Speaking Skills?

Incorporating several public speaking skills into your daily life can steadily improve your behavior, communication, presentation, body language, and a lot more. So, let’s understand some of the main methods to improve public speaking skills.

  1. Follow Great Public Speakers:
  2. Watch and learn from the great public speakers to get inspired and improve your public speaking ability. To start with it, search for great public speakers on Youtube. A bunch of playlists get displayed. While watching these videos, take notes on the speaker’s body language. You’ll remain to feel that it is so intimating, open, and inviting.


  3. Relax Your Body Language:
  4. Initially, the fear of public speaking can make you tense, which is negatively reflected in your body language. The best way to develop your skill is to maintain proper posture, make eye contact, and move naturally. Good body language can improve your performance and helps to deliver your audience the right message.


  5. Prepare Talking Points:
  6. Before giving a speech, make a list of talking points containing the key message you want your audience to know, feel and understand by the time you have finished your speech. Organize your talking points in chronological order. Start with 3-5 broad messages and outline with several underlying supporting points.


  7. Practice Voice and Breathe:
  8. For many people, public speaking can wrap their sense of time and make them speak faster than they usually would, leading to frustration and unclearness. A steady pace will help you calm your nerves and allow audiences to understand better what you are trying to say.


  9. Know Your Audience:
  10. Before giving your speech, understand your target audience so that you can tailor your speech based on their interests. Think about what is important to them and what they are most likely to find useful.


  11. Record Your Speeches:
  12. Always record your speeches or your performance in a camera so you can go back and watch yourself. Examine your body language, how your voice sounds, and your pacing. Even the best speakers do this regularly and often find it helpful to improve their public speaking skills.


  13. Practice:
  14. As rightly said by our ancestors, practicing a skill daily can become a habit. It helps you iron out your messaging and find better ways to phrase specific points of your presentation. Once rehearsed your speech multiple times, you will naturally feel comfortable delivering it to the right audience.


Should One Develop Public Speaking Skills?

Yes, developing your public speaking skills is crucial as it enhances your career across every touch point. Public speaking offers you a platform to demonstrate your knowledge and influence others. Public speaking helps you to grab a countless number of good opportunities that emerge in the job market. A career without public speaking skills will be doomed in this competitive world. So it is essential to develop your public speaking ability.



Finally, good communication is never perfect, and no one expects you to be in an ideal mode. However, following all the key metrics mentioned above can help you improve your public speaking skills and stay conscious of your choice of words. Fear of public speaking is pretty standard. Having a public speaking ability can help you overcome this disorder and stimulate confidence within yourself and in others.



  1. What are 5 ways to improve your English speaking skills?
  2. These are some ways to improve your English speaking skills:

    • Use English outside of class
    • Watch more English movies and TV
    • Join a language club or organization
    • Repeat what you hear
    • Read a lot of English books


  3. How can I be a better communicator?
  4. Here are some points to be a good communicator. Listen more, speak less. Be fully present. Talk with people and not at people. Be consistent, but don’t repeat yourself too much.


  5. How to build self-confidence?
  6. Here are some tips for building your self-confidence. Look at what you’ve already achieved. It’s easy to lose confidence if you believe you haven’t achieved anything. Think of things you’re good at. Everyone has strengths and talents. Set some goals.



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