How Can A Fresher Find A Job? 

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While stepping into this blog right now, I assume either you are in the final year of your studies or graduated. If so, congratulations, and welcome to the real world of opportunities. Job hunting is an overwhelming process and leads you through a lot of chaos and anxiety. You would have applied for many companies offline or for jobs for freshers via job apps and reached out to some recruiters but still not received any response.

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Significance of Getting Jobs for Freshers

According to Business Insider, more than half of Indian graduates are jobless, 80% of those were not fit for their job, as reported by Aspiring Minds. On the other hand, employers seek experienced candidates. So, whatever effort you put into it gets drained while filtering. Dealing with the “experienced fresher” paradox arrives as a new challenge. However, you need not worry about it anymore. In this blog, let us consider some professional tips that help you land your jobs for freshers with no prior experience.


How To Find a Job Vacancy for Freshers


#1 Upskilling

“The best you can make is in yourself. The more you learn, the more you earn”

-Warren Buffet


As we are still amid a pandemic, many companies called off in going on-campus placements or the hiring that directly happens at colleges/institutions every year. This uncertainty has opted many graduates like you to look for referrals or alumni networks to either get their internship or full-time employment. You can also apply for online jobs. But after getting a chance for the interview, maybe, you couldn’t crack it down due to the lack of professional skills. To overcome this hindrance to get a job vacancy for freshers, you must upskill or reskill your knowledge that matches industry standards. Getting enrolled in a valuable free skilling course available online can help you leverage your academic knowledge and give you the confidence to attend the interviews and grab your job as a fresher.


Nowadays, organizations look for graduates who comprehend fundamental skills and exposure to their roles and responsibilities. As the pandemic hits the placement prospects harder, many companies have started hiring potential young professionals through the new age technology by keeping the virtual assessments/interviews and hiring remotely. According to Gartner’s report, 86% of organizations conducts virtual interviews to hire candidates during this pandemic.


#2 Freshers On-demand

“Staying motivated will give your job search a clear direction”


It is natural for freshers like you to get anxious when companies hire experienced folks over you everywhere. If that’s what you feel, then you are wrong. First, you must understand that some job postings expect experienced candidates to continue or take forward the projects efficiently but not the entire system.


Folks with the right attitude and a sounding domain knowledge gets recruited and put into the training stage. At this stage, recruiters will check whether you are willing and able to understand the new concepts, implementing them in real-time without struggle. If so, then you are set to witness your wonderful work life. Whatever the jobs you have applied for, you must be dedicated and work harder to sustain yourself. So, buck up now and start applying for those job openings for freshers.


While applying for fresher jobs, you will get confused over specific details. At first, you need to check out the roles and responsibilities of the job. Look for jobs that match your requirement. There is numerous job vacancy in Bangalore for freshers 2022. For example, If you are a recent pass out from Electronics Engineering looking for a job in that domain, then search for “How to get a job opportunity in Electronics Engineering as a fresher”, which result in all the fresher jobs under the Electronics domain.


For freshers’ jobs, do not apply for too many organizations. Check only company job vacancy in Bangalore, if you prefer that. Similarly, do not send resumes for a single company; see through their response and proceed to the next one. Then you will end up losing a good number of opportunities that are waiting for your cards to play. Instead, look for a few more organizations that match your skillset, note down the companies you have sent to, track their status on the job apps and proceed further.


#3 Build Your Resume

“70% of the job applications get disqualified by applicant tracking systems without being read as this static emphasises how it is important to tailor your resume to the job you’re applying for.


A famous quote saying, “You are what you wear”, means your outfit expresses your character. When it comes to job search, your resume outfits who you are and what you have done. So it is more important to build a compelling professional resume and cover letter that shows your detailed information. While sending your resume to the recruiters, make sure you highlight the essential skill set that matches the position. Applying for different roles with the same resume is not encouraged, as it leads the recruiters into confusion and makes them throw out your application from the list. To avoid them, make sure you modify your resume concerning the relevant skillset for the job and ensure it is well-written, neat and proofread before sending it or uploading it along with the online job application.


#4 Enroll In Online Job Portals

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door”

-Kurt Cobain.


Looking for qualified online job portals/ boards filled with millions of job opportunities across different roles by registering and creating your profile in them.


The profile must be good at every aspect, providing proper educational details, skillset, awards, certifications, internships and a lot more that provides relevancy over the job position. Use relevant keywords and job recommendations on your profile to get notified of the job openings that match your interests. Search through the various jobs in Bangalore for freshers/12th pass postings to see what would fit your requirement.

jobs for freshers

#5 Online Networking

“Network continually – 85 per cent of all jobs are filled through contacts & personal references”

– Brian Tracy.


Networking is one of the most evident skills every individual must get through. For job seekers, social media platforms like Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter are the ideal place to network with recruiters and job professionals. Join as many online communities as possible and connect with the recruiters who belong to the same industry. According to the survey conducted by CISION, 71% of hiring decision-makers agree social media is effective in screening candidates.


#6 Job Fairs and Career Events


Job fairs are the ideal place for job seekers to find employment opportunities. It helps you meet the potential employer directly and reach out for the right job at the right time. Hand out your resume to as many recruiters as you can, follow up and let them know your interest in working with them. Top-notch companies will come to the job fair to scout for new talents.


#7 Apply On Company Websites


Have an interest in working for a particular company! Simple, go to their website’s career page and look out for the job opening. If available, fill out the job opening form with all the particulars correctly and submit it. If unavailable, search for the email id on the careers page to apply for future openings. It shows your interest in the company and may likely call you for an interview in a short period.


#8 Job Referrals

“New hires from well-designed referral program routinely produces the highest on the job performance of any recruiting source. In addition, referral new hires have significantly higher retention rates than hires from other sources.”

Source: ERE.


As mentioned, utilize the following pointers in this position to get an opportunity at your favorites organization. Reach out to the people in your network with no shyness or hesitation and ask them to refer you to their company.


Should A Fresher Go for Walk-in Interviews or Off-Campus Interviews?


Generally, walk-in interviews and off campuses conducted by any organisation gets intimated to you through your college/institutions or shared across any social media platforms like Whatsapp/Telegram groups, newspaper ads and much more. The banners and posters display the date, venue (either at institutions/offices) the time of the event. No fee payments; directly go to the place on the particular date carrying your resume, attend and grab the opportunity.


Approach Directly

“If you want to achieve greatness, stop asking permissions.”


If you are passionate to work for a specific company, search for it, find their address and go to their premises directly. By this, you can reach out to the HR department of the company face to face and get to know the job openings. While going, ensure that you carry the updated resume, along with all other documents. Apart from that, you can also join the training programs that offer job placements for freshers.


As the pandemic has offered a massive opportunity for the digital platforms to address every real-time problem, when it comes to hiring, the future of recruitment is making a paradigm shift towards digital. It’s the right time for you to follow all the above metrics. Once done, you need to do one last thing to land jobs for freshers. Just sit on your couch and Relax! Wait and watch. Let the opportunity knock on your door at the right time.


For the latest & amazing job opportunities for freshers in India, you can check Hirect.


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