Top 5 Highest Paying Jobs in India 2022

Highest Paying Jobs in India

Hello Readers! After years of hard work that you have put into academics and graduated successfully, you deserve to get something that rewards you for your lifetime. YES! A high-paying job opportunity. Looking for financial stability is more important to accommodate high quality of life and a better future. While ideals, interests, skills, and ambition may drive you to pursue a specific career path, salary is crucial in sustaining that path.

A country like India has undergone a radical change in the job market. Most popular choices for becoming a Doctor, Engineer, and a lot are still respected today. But, there are good options that have arrived and revolutionized the Indian market. Many young graduates or working professionals are still dilemma over which career they want to head themselves. Let me be honest; there aren’t any better motivators in your life than money. Want to know the top highest-paying jobs in India? In this post, we’ll discuss that. Keep Reading!

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Facts and Figures

  • According to an Aon India survey, attrition in 2021 will be 21%, the highest since 2003. The main reasons for this were a lack of opportunities for advancement within the organisation and a sense of stagnation among employees.
  • According to another Michael Page study, approximately 86% of Indian professionals will look for new jobs in the next six months. Those recruiting will have difficulty meeting salary expectations.

Significance of High Paying Jobs

With the cost of living soaring by leaps and bounds every year, it’s only natural that money will be a key deciding factor for both new and experienced professionals when accepting any position. However, this remains an ongoing debate. Even as they consider new opportunities, today’s professionals seek a better work-life balance.

While salaries and bonuses are still motivating factors, a sizable 61 % said per a survey that they would be willing to accept a lower salary or even forego a promotion in exchange for a better work-life balance. The pandemic has transformed the way job seekers approach the job market.

Why Choose any of these High Paying Jobs?

In recent years, the following occupations have surfaced as the highest salary jobs in India. However, the precise salaries may vary depending on the cities and level of professional experience.

  1. Data Scientist
  2. With the rapidly advancing technology across every industry, this profile brings a lot of promise and a rise in demand. In the present world, from decision-making to implementation, everything is data-driven. People with expertise and an interest in managing the data are considered with high packages. According to the US Bureau of labour statistics, the number of jobs requiring Data science skills will grow by 27.9% by 2026.

    The value of data has reached new heights in today’s world, with companies relying on data sets to understand performance and make business decisions. Data analysis is critical in the e-commerce and retail industries. They can predict purchases, profits, and losses and manipulate customers into purchasing items by tracking their behaviour. Retail brands use data to create customer profiles, learn about their customers’ pain points, and market their products to entice them to buy. Take the example of Netflix or Amazon on how their target their customers and entice them to buy their services or products.

    Salary range: From 5-7 LPA till 60-70 LPA

  3. Software Architect
  4. The digital ecosystem has revolutionized, and simplified our day-to-day life. Thanks to technology, the internet, and finally, software development. A career in this field is lucrative. A software architect is someone who develops software platforms using coding, creating web services, and providing software solutions.

    Salary range:From 4-8 LPA till 46 LPA

  5. AI and Machine Learning Experts
  6. Building self-learning systems across every industrial vertical using artificial intelligence, machine learning is considered the next-gen technology. Machine learning as a career is one of the highest paying jobs in India and still booming. Some examples of more popular Machine Learning use cases include voice assistants, personalized marketing, fraud detection, self-driving cars, healthcare, chatbots, etc.

    Take the example of Google Maps: Using smartphone location data, Google Maps can inspect the agility of shifting traffic; additionally, the map can organise user-reported traffic such as construction, traffic, and accidents. Google Maps can reduce commuting time by indicating the fastest route by accessing relevant data and appropriate algorithms.

    Salary range:5-7 LPA till 30 – 40 LPA

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  7. Product Managers
  8. Being watchful of customers’ requirements, envisioning and road mapping the products with dynamic features, product management comes as one of the lucrative positions in the tech landscape.

    Salary range:5-8 LPA till 35 LPA

  9. Management Consultant
  10. Maximizing growth, improving and solving consumer problems, a Management consultant is one of the lucrative career options in India.

    Salary range: 6-8 LPA till 34 LPA

How to Get into Some of these High Paying Jobs?

Trying to figure out how to land these top paying jobs? What courses or certifications must one do to get into these positions? Check out the information provided below.

  1. Data Scientist
  2. Here is the most common and recommended path:

    Graduates / Engineers can opt for a PG Diploma in Data Science or get a Master’s in Data Science.

    Educational Qualification:B.E/B. Tech or equivalent, Business information systems, Computer science, Economics, Mathematics, and Statistics with no coding experience can also apply.

    Roles & Responsibilities:

    • Cleaning and organizing data
    • Identifying valuable data source
    • Analyzing data patterns and design algorithms

  3. Software Architect
  4. Educational Qualification:B.E/B. Tech in computer science or equivalent, BCA/MCA, and Information systems were preferred.

    Roles & Responsibilities:

    • Evaluating, identifying, and developing software solutions
    • Collaborate with various stakeholders to determine requirements
    • Leading software development projects by providing architectural blueprints

  5. Machine Learning Experts
  6. Educational Qualification:BE/B. Tech in Mathematics/Computer Science/Data Science/Statistics or Information Technology were preferred.

    Roles & Responsibilities:

    • Design and develop machine learning algorithms
    • Discover, design and develop analytical methods to support novel approaches to data and information processing
    • Perform expert data analyses and transform data science prototypes

  7. Product Managers
  8. Being watchful of customers’ requirements, envisioning and road mapping the products with dynamic features, product management comes as one of the lucrative positions in the tech landscape.

    Salary range:5-8 LPA till 35 LPA

  9. Management Consultant
  10. Educational Qualification:Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in a business-related field is preferred.

    Roles & Responsibilities:

    • Identify and solve complex business, organizational and operational problems.
    • Review internal client company data such as financial statements, payroll or existing internal computer systems.
    • Outline the scope of the work and identify milestones and required resources to meet the company objectives

Should You Choose only Highest Paying Careers?

Herding people along in the “best” career has produced a lot of “successful” people on the outside, but the majority are unhappy on the inside. They are trapped even before they realise it, as they must now continue to conform to society’s expectations. So, to cut a long story short, conforming to societal expectations is not the best way to choose the right career for long-term satisfaction.

What should your long-term career goals be based on?

a) Acceptance in society: Do what your parents, relatives, and peers ask you to do.

b) Finances:Do whatever maximises the present value of future cash flows.

c) Talent: Do what one is good at.

d) Purpose:Do what you enjoy doing the most.

There is no one size fits when making a career choice. Everyone’s choice of highest paying jobs in India may vary. One must make their choice based on various factors. However, the best option will fulfil you and give you proper satisfaction.


The jobs mentioned above are one of the most paid jobs in India right now. The good news is that they aren’t the only jobs available, and there are a lot more you can explore. While considering the monetary gains and payscale, your interest and capabilities must align with your job offers and satisfaction.

What is your opinion on our list? Is it surprising?! Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


  1. How can I get the highest paying job in India?
  2. To get the high salary in India, many professionals are thinking about switching careers by shifting into a new field. It is critical for them to future-proof their skills by upskilling in new-age domains to adapt and power ahead.

  3. Which are the highest paying careers in India?
  4. While there are numerous highly paying jobs in demand in India, one can readily concede that the IT sector is the most developing and in-demand sector, offering innumerable jobs. Some of the high demand jobs are listed in this article above.

  5. How do I find a career that I love?
  6. Determine your objectives and values. Consider your career objectives carefully.

    • Create a career list. After you’ve articulated your career goals and values, you can think about what kinds of jobs might fulfil both.
    • Job shadowing, interning or working as a temp
    • Maintain your adaptability
    • Consider and evaluate.

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