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Different Types of Interviews and How to Ace Them

Different Interview types allow you to impress employers with your knowledge and personality. Interviewers ask a variety of questions to candidates to assess their suitability for a specific position. Companies may use various types of interviews to narrow their search depending on the type of job and the stage of the recruitment process. Learn from this blog about different types of interviews and how to ace them. 

Here, we will present the complete guide for different types of interviews. From the questions asked to interviews for various job roles and types of interviews, including the semi-structured interview examples, the blog covers all that’s to know about the process. 

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Why Introduce Self in a Job Interview? 

There are many reasons why one should introduce themselves during a job interview. When an interviewer asks, “tell me about yourself,” their goal is to learn a little bit about you as a person before moving on to questions about the job application and role. Because the first impression is the most important, you’ve earned some extra brownie points if you nail the best way to introduce yourself in an interview or can answer common HR interview questions beforehand. This article discusses the significance of introducing yourself in different interview types.

Types of Interviews 

There are different interview types. Interviews come in various forms, types, shapes and sizes, and there are multiple ways to ace these interviews. Here, we will look at some types of interviews, how to ace them, the questions that may get asked and so on. Now, no matter the format, following these tips will help you to crack these different types of interviews. Meanwhile, find here the list of interviews: 

Semi Structured Interviews

During semi-structured interviews, interviewers do not usually stick to formalized questions but rather ask more open-ended questions.  They ask these questions to guide the interview. 

Here, you can find the semi-structured interview examples:

Different Kinds of Interviews

Star Method Interviews 

The STAR method is structured to respond to a behavioral-based interview question by describing the specific situation, task, action, and result. The acronym stands for Situation, Task, Action, and Results. 

Exit Interview 

An exit interview is a survey of a person leaving a company or relationship. This commonly occurs between an employee and an organisation, a student and a school, or a member and an association.

Video Interview 

A video interview is a job interview conducted remotely and uses video technology as a communication medium. If you live in a different area than where they are, interviewers and hiring managers may conduct a video interview instead of an in-person interview. This also includes some 6+ Body Language Tips for Video Interviews.

Phone Interview 

Many hiring managers use phone interviews to screen candidates. These are frequently used as the first step in the interview process. As a result, a successful phone interview can assist you in moving forward in the interview process. The further you advance, the better your chances of getting the job.

In-Person Interview 

In an in-person interview, you will meet with a hiring manager at their place of business. This step is usually taken after a phone interview in which your qualifications as a candidate are screened.

Promotion Interview 

A job promotion interview is for a position within your current company one or two levels higher than your current position. Successful completion of a promotion interview can help you earn a raise, take on a leadership role, and advance your career within your current company.

Behavioral Interview

Interviewing based on how the interviewee acted in specific employment-related situations is known as behavioral-based interviewing. According to logic, how you behaved in the past will predict how you will behave in the future.

Traditional Interview 

The traditional interview format is the most commonly used interview style for many reasons. It’s simple, allows you to build rapport, and usually gets the job done by determining whether a candidate knows their stuff.

Types of Interview Questions 

Different Interview types are simply flawed human communication intended to improve the predictive validity of potential employer-employee relationships. And it’s far from perfect. Most interviewers ask various questions to identify a candidate’s viability as suitable for a particular job. These questions are framed so that the answers will help the interviewer confirm the most qualified candidate for a job. 

How to Ace Critical Thinking Questions?

Critical thinking skills are more crucial than ever in today’s more complex data-driven scenarios. As a result, hiring managers now require a robust system for assessing critical thinking skills for most positions they fill. When we talk about critical thinking, we refer to a collection of sub-skills such as research, analysis, judgement, problem-solving, and self-reflection. Critical thinking questions are used to analyze a candidate’s more critical thinking skills. 

Tips to Crack HR Interview Questions 

An HR professional (usually a recruiter or HR Generalist) will ask candidates a series of HR interview questions during the initial screening phase of a hiring process. These questions aim to assess the candidates’ fundamental skills and interest in the role and clarify various aspects of their application and resume. We’ve compiled a list of candidates’ best human resources interview questions and sample answers.

Interview Assessment Questions: Definitions and Examples 

Many companies use interviews to find the best candidates for open positions. The portion of the interviewing process that tests a candidate’s industry knowledge, personality traits, and observational abilities is known as an assessment. Understanding the various interview assessments and knowing what questions to ask during a screening session can help you learn important information about a job candidate. In this article, we define interview assessments, discuss the different types, and provide some sample questions to ask.

Which are the Worst Interview Questions and Answers? 

During an interview, many difficult questions are asked. How you respond to them could determine whether or not you get the job. During the interview, we should provide the most effective and sought-after answers. Many questions will be posed to you by interviewers.  You must respond positively to all of them. Employers will value your thoughtfulness in responding to interview questions. This article will explain why it is critical to avoid negative interview responses, provide interview question answering tips, and list the worst interview responses with suggestions for improving them. Let’s start answering those interview questions.

Let Us Succeed in Common Leadership Interview Questions and Answers  

When applicants seek positions of influence and authority, company interviewers frequently ask questions to assess their leadership abilities, which are critical to their success. These questions determine the applicant’s leadership experience, potential, and skills. This blog examines the reasons for these inquiries and offers advice on responding most effectively. To ace, these common leadership interview questions, follow these pointers.

Examples of Interview Questions 

Meanwhile, here you can find a list of interview questions and answers. From here, you can learn how to answer these questions most effectively. Find a list of example answers to some questions here. 

Ace the Interviews for Various Job Roles 

Acing the interview requires a lot of preparation. Interviewers will ask questions about you to gain insight into your personality and to determine whether you’re a fit for both jobs. Here, you can find the various questions asked to see if the candidate would fit a particular job role they have applied for. Following these tips is the first way to ace these interviews for the various job roles. 

Succeed in Sales Job Interview 

To ace the sales interview, summarize what you’ve learned about the company’s solutions, who they serve, who they compete with, and what industry experts have to say about them. Explain why you want to work for this company and in this role. Discuss how you carry out your sales role from start to finish.

Ace Team Leader Interviews 

Employers seek future leaders at all levels, including entry-level and graduate-level positions. Most Organizations also hire from within. As a result, these team leader interview questions are required. It is a method for them to determine your suitability for the role. Knowing how to respond to these questions in a team leader interview can help you ace it.

Cracking Marketing Interviews 

Marketing entails various activities, such as advertising, selling, and delivering products to consumers or other businesses. At its core, it involves determining what consumers desire and then analysing and providing it. As a result, a candidate must learn about the market and consumer needs. Anyone familiar with these marketing strategies and tips for cracking marketing interviews will have no trouble acing them.

Tips for Front End Developer Interviews 

The employer will ask you many questions no matter where you go for an interview. It is dependent on the position for which you are applying. If you apply for a job as a front-end developer, the interviewer will ask you questions about the industry. They can ask whatever they want. How you respond to the employer’s questions will determine your job. So, in today’s article, we’ll look at how to respond to questions from a front-end developer interview.

How to Approach an Interview Question You Can’t Answer?

You may break out in a cold sweat if you cannot answer a question asked throughout your interview. Your heart may begin to race, and your mind may start to race. Everyone has experienced losing their words during an interview. We’ll give you all the necessary information to answer that pesky question! These pointers will assist you in making or breaking the interview.

11+ Skills to Ace Your Interview 

Getting an interview is only the first step toward getting a job. How you perform in the interview will determine whether or not you get the job. The candidate must have the necessary skills, knowledge, and expertise. However, getting hired for the job is not solely dependent on it. To be a strong candidate during an interview, you must master specific interview skills that will assist you in acing your following job interview and landing a job position. Are you prepared to ace your upcoming job interview? Follow these 11+ Tips to Ace Your Next Interview. Find here also some communication tips to ace your interview.


Preparation is essential for acing an interview. If you have completed all the steps, you will be in excellent shape to pass your following interview and accept a job offer. Following the above advice can help you outperform someone with more experience because you’ve mastered the art of acing the interview.


1. What are some of the major types of interviews? 

Some interview types include Informational Interviews, Screening or Telephone Interviews, Individual Interviews, Small Group or Committee interviews, Second or On-Site Interviews, Behavioral-Based Interviews, Task-Oriented or Testing Interviews, Stress Interviews and so on. 

2. What are some of the frequently asked interview questions? 

 Find here some of the interview questions: 

  • “Tell me about yourself.” 
  • “What do you think is your greatest weakness?” 
  • “What did you like least about your last (or current) job?” 
  • “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” 
  • “Tell me about a time you failed.”

3. What does an interview mean? 

An interview is a structured conversation in which one person asks questions and the other responds. The term “interview” is commonly used to refer to a one-on-one conversation between an interviewer and an interviewee.

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