Can a Resume be of Two Pages?

Sure, you have everything that is mentioned in the job description. The skills, the qualifications and a bang on portfolio too! The work experience matches this case. ITs just a job made for you!
And, You don’t get it. Reason?

You never landed the interview to speak about these amazing things that you are. It is a sad affair when your resume does not talk about the amazing you enough and in a way that the recruiter understands your importance and you land the job of your dreams. We get it. But it is what it is. And you can make yourself eligible for the situation. We are talking about how to do that. Scroll down to know more.

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Significance of a Resume

It is a very well-known fact that around 250 resumes are submitted for a corporate job on average. And it’s a given that one is to be selected from it. The process of scrutiny here is o many levels. A resume is the one that lands you to get to the first one. Everything starts with it. With ATS now, it is even more complicated. Specific keywords define your eligibility. You are qualified as a good candidate if you have these keywords in your resume. No alternative or creative synonyms work here. Brutal. But not that hard to crack at the same time.

It’s a good thing to keep an updated résumé on hand. When interviewing you, employers will utilize your resume as a guide. Making a resume requires you to evaluate your abilities and aids in the planning of a successful job hunt. It’s a good idea to keep your resume updated and ready if you suddenly lose your job.


Why is it Important to have a One-Page Resume?

The opportunities in the tech industry have been on the rise since day one. Especially post-pandemic, the horizons of hiring have broadened. With that came the need for speed in hiring. Now that the demand has increased and the time has decreased for hiring, it does not mean the emphasis on quality hire has been reduced. Companies are still in the position of churning the best candidates from the insane amount of qualifying eligible candidates. And the crowd is enormous.

To be the winning candidate, one needs to stand out, and that is why one-page resumes are a must. Here’s a list of things that a one-page resume does for you.

  • You get to write what is meaningful only.
  • The format is fixed, so it is easier to write and not be creative.
  • Bias is erased since the criteria and parameters are fixed.
  • Less to write.
  • Fewer mistakes since you just have one page, which gets your full attention.
  • Keywords are easily noticeable.
  • It looks good overall and saves time.


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How to Best Put Together Your Resume?

The importance of length of a resume is not that much if you can keep the recruiter interested by providing them with the correct information. All you have to do is make sure you use the recruiter’s favored dictionary, which is not unimpressive anywhere. While writing a resume, it is essential to make sure that,

1. It is honest.

An essential step and a matter of ethical importance. It is a given that a candidate is expected to put truth and only the fact in their resume. Your entire interview will be based on that piece of paper, which makes it even more important, to be honest. At times employers verify the information you have put in your resume. It’s a matter of safety, too, after all.

2. It has all the essential keywords

Read the job description thoroughly for this. Every time you send out a resume, take some time to edit it according to the keywords. If your employer is using the ATS system, this highly favors you.

3. Maintain brevity.

Brevity here means to keep the matter in the resume clear and concise. Make sure you are working with only the required information. Nothing above it is appreciated. Recruiters usually don’t have enough time to find what is relevant for them in your resume. You need to lead them to it.

4. Highlight the parts that you want to showcase.

The easiest yet most neglected step is highlighting. People often tend to forget to highlight their resumes. This acts as your recommendation and automatically diverts the recruiter’s attention to the important stuff only.

5. Proofread!

Always. Be it a document; this is the most crucial step. Once you are done writing the resume, make sure you proofread the content in it. Double or triple check it if you need but make sure that there is no mistake in your resume. As said above, it should be easy to read, simple, and with relevant keywords.

6. Quantify your achievements

Numbers have always worked throughout. And they always will. Make sure to speak about the impact you made instead of what the work did or felt for you. Those are for your cover letter. Your KPIs work for you over here. Make sure to include all the impressive numbers are included in it.

7. Use professional credentials

Especially your email address. You are applying for a serious position, and any randomness can be taken as a casual attitude towards the project by you. It is essential not to share personal details and provide relevant professional contact details that are functional.

8. Don’t waste the space by writing about your hobbies and interests.

You read it right. There is no point in writing your hobbies and interests in your resume. No recruiter is looking for your hobbies and interests in a resume. Include just the relevant information that is asked for and can qualify you as an ideal candidate.


Should You Be Extending Your Resume Past One Page?

A two-page resume may be required to express all of the important information an employer needs to know. According to resume writer Jennifer Isaacs, readability and general appearance are important considerations. Many job searchers, significantly those farther along in their careers and have ten or more years of relevant work experience, might benefit from a two-page resume.

Most people even assume that a resume should be no more than two pages lengthy, regardless of how long you’ve worked. There are, nevertheless, certain exceptions to every rule. If you work for the federal government or have a long list of achievements, your resume may need three or more pages long.


So here’s the deal. A resume is nothing but just a paper. But yet again, a paper that decides if you get a chance to fight for the job of your dreams or not. So put your best foot forward. Don’t tell them all about you; tell them enough to want to know all about you. Get it?



When can my resume be 2 pages long?

Your resume should not be longer than a page if you are fresher. It doesn’t make sense to write a paragraph about the projects you’ve worked on. You’ll get a chance to explain that. Just mention the highlights.

But let’s say you’ve had enough experience in the industry. Now you’ve got many highlights that demand a place in your resume. This is when you can extend it to the next page. You can write a longer resume if you have relevant information to add to it.

Is it okay to have a 1.5-page resume?

Not if you’re filling it with irrelevant details and intricacies. You need to understand that your resume should not exceed more than a page as a fresher. But let’s say you have enough experience even as a fresher. Then nobody can stop the inevitable. You are allowed to use the next page in this case.

How many pages should a 2021 resume be?

Ideally, as less as possible. It can be. Try to not add any of your stuffing to it. The correct information aligned with the job description should be perfect. Your cover letter and CV will talk about the rest. And you still have the interview. So speak there on it. Make sure you include all the action words and keywords according to the requirements.

Make it concise, crisp and ATS friendly. That is what the resume of 2021 should be like. As far as the pages are concerned, we talked about it. A fresher should have no more than one page, and the rest of the information is relevant. You can go ahead with more pages.


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