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Is Your Job Post Turning Talent Away?

Job post or job advertisements are notifications for open positions. Its main objective is to alert potential applicants about a new place and encourage them to apply. In addition to outlining a position’s duties, job ads provide information about the organization to the audience. The things that need to be in a job posting are the job role or the position and the location of the job: on-site, remote, or hybrid. Adding a description of the ideal candidate in short and writing about the company is also essential. The job posting should also have information on how to apply for the role.

5+ Qualities of a Good Job Post

Every job posting presents a chance to bring in fresh talent and perspectives. It is important to remember that each recruit has the potential to change the direction and culture of your business. The job description is an internal document describing what that role entails. It has all the information regarding the position you want to fill and is written formally. At the same time, the external announcement of an available place to attract candidates is known as a job posting. It is written in an enticing style and includes details about the employment opportunity, your business, and the perks you provide. 

Here are some qualities of a good job post:

1. Keep it Brief 

Making an excellent job posting necessitates incorporating crucial information while excluding superfluous material. It is essential to acknowledge that candidates may go through hundreds of job postings on various job boards before finding yours. Thus it would help if you were concise and relevant to the position. Try to reduce the number of paragraphs and, if feasible, use bullet points to describe the duties and requirements of the job.

2. Use Inclusive Language

A strong organization needs a diversified and welcoming environment. By choosing words that won’t discourage underrepresented or marginalized groups from applying to your job advertisement, you can maintain diversity in your team. Vocabulary used in job descriptions may significantly impact who feels encouraged to apply. Enhance your posts, and make them stand out on the job board by going above and beyond the usual remark about your company’s dedication to diversity and inclusion. Inform people about your present policies and the measures you are taking to be inclusive. To make your position more appealing to all applicants, avoid using “gender-coded” phrases. Words have a lot of power, and how they are used may subtly affect whether an applicant feels that a position or organization is a good fit for them or not.

3. Focus on Potential

Today, many positions either didn’t exist 10 years ago or, if they did, look very different. Therefore, applicants with a lot of experience occasionally may not have relevant experience. Some qualified applicants can choose to scroll past your job on the job board if the job ad has too many conditions. It’s important to distinguish between abilities that can be taught and those that are absolutely necessary. 

The ideal candidate for a position won’t be what your recruiting managers had in mind when they created the job description. It would help if you gave a chance to the candidates who cannot provide an experience that can be quantified in terms of years. These may be capable individuals. Despite having less experience than other applicants, they could exhibit enthusiasm and involvement that will allow them to start strong.

4. Write Required Skills Clearly

Use words that everyone can easily understand, and that are universal. Avoid using jargon, corporate lingo, or too niche terms unless you need to. When writing comprehensive job descriptions, consider the qualifications that are required for the position being filled. Instead of listing specific abilities related to the post, many companies include nice-to-have qualifications. This way, your job will catch the eye of the applicant skimming the job board.

5. Make it Easy to Discover

Ensure your job listings are noticed if you want to attract people. Think of prospective job titles as keywords and how applicants could look for the role you are hiring for. Make sure you’ve posted your job opening on all appropriate job boards. Also, ensure your position is advertised using the same title as the job description on every platform.

6. Make it Easy to Apply

Please avoid cumbersome systems that require candidates to go through hoops like creating a user account or putting portions of their résumé into plain text. Every step you take gives a potential applicant another chance to give up. Do not request unnecessary details, such as their home address or other administrative information. Why let a drawn-out procedure kill the excitement? The job application should be two to three clicks away from the job board.

Common Mistakes to Avoid while Writing a Job Post

  • Avoid Using Biased Language
    It is essential to eliminate the bias of any kind, be it race, religion, gender, or national origin. While writing the job post, you should notice that no language gives the idea of any kind of bias. If you mistakenly do so, you will be limiting the applications from a specific section of society.
  • Avoid Cliche Job Descriptions
    When job seekers read your job adverts, cliche job descriptions are a significant turn-off and are more likely to confuse than excite candidates. Using expressions like “self-starter” and “blue-sky thinking” is more likely to turn away candidates, as they would make no sense to them.
  • Avoid Bad Job Titles
    64% of respondents said they would not apply for a job if they didn’t comprehend the title, and two in five said they frequently saw job names they didn’t understand. Use universal and regular expressions for job titles that can be understood by everyone quickly.
  • Avoid Quirky Job Requirements
    Too quirky or peculiar job requirements might reflect poorly on the company. Writing something like “someone should have so much attention to detail that they should spot the little piece of food stuck between my teeth” is not a great idea. And yes, someone wrote that in a job ad!

Tips to Make Your Job Ad Work 

The demands of top candidates differ from those of most applicants. These top achievers want better employment, not just more work. Making a job posting that appeals to candidates is the unique approach to getting excellent prospects interested in your opportunity. However, most job postings are directed towards those looking for work. Consider these suggestions to enhance and make your job advertisement more appealing.

  • Proofread your Job Advertisement
    Before you post the ad, check it for spelling and grammatical errors. Imagine posting a job for a “contect writer” instead of a “Content Writer”.
  • Mobile Compatible
    Take note that most applicants must look at your job posting on their phones. Use a job platform that makes it easy to apply.
  • Promote Remote or Hybrid Work Policies
    Post the pandemic, many candidates prefer working from home, working from anywhere, or hybrid modes of work. If your company has any such policies, make sure to mention them in the job post.
  • Tweak the Job Post as Needed
    Even though your advertisement can stay for the first 30 days on most job portals, stay vigilant. You should be getting responses in the first week; if you aren’t, be ready to make tweaks as necessary.  


The success of your organization depends on your employees. And the employees that come into your company rely on your hiring policies. To hire quality employees, the first step is to draft a good and attractive job post. If your job post is not concise and to the point, it will be tough for you to hire. So, draft a simple and witty job post, and start your hiring journey immediately!


1. What characteristics distinguish a quality job posting?
A quality job post includes your company website and gives a brief overview of the position and the most critical data. If the work looks appealing, candidates want to research your business and culture on your website or job landing page.

2. What period should a job posting remain active?
The average duration of a job advertisement is 30 days. However, this might vary depending on the employer, the sector, the employment rate of the industry, and the position. Positions in management and supervision frequently take longer to fill.

3. What length is ideal for a job posting?
Short job postings (below 300 words) tend to do substantially better than those that are medium (301-600 words) or lengthy (601+ words). Brief postings help candidates remember the most crucial facts.

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