7 Effective Ways to Build Your Team Management Skills


You must acquire specific skills when moving up the ladder of higher positions. Team management skills are one such skill that every rising professional needs to upskill. A team manager striving for these skills will help your team stay more vibrant. Effective team management is often considered a valuable asset across every organization. These skills allow the team to work as a single entity and be on the same page about what is expected in the workplace. In this blog, let’s dive deep into the importance of striving for team management skills and how to build one. 

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  • According to the Gallup reports, companies fail to choose the candidate with the right talent for jobs 82% of the time, yet a bad manager can cost a company thousands of dollars in a year.
  • According to Gallup reports, 50% of the employees leave the company because of their boss.


Significance of Team Management Skills:

Team management helps to promote team building in the workplace. It spots the unique talent amongst the team members and utilizes it to the maximum efficiency. Practical team management skill motivates your team members to increase team handling skills, work performance and organizational productivity. Team management skills help you to learn and explore new perspectives. When different people with various talents start working in the same place, they exchange skills. Having team management skills will increase employee satisfaction.

Good team management skill reduces unnecessary conflicts amongst team members. It brings employee relations and a well-established sense of trust between them. The importance of team management skills in an organization is immeasurable. It immensely helps everyone involved to perform better, gain knowledge, and deliver quality results. 


Why is Team Management Skill Important to Manage a Team?

Every team or organization needs team management to accomplish its business vision. As team management involves a group of individuals who shares the same objective or task to be completed. For effective team management, it is important to have a team leader as the mentor of the team more than a strict boss. Now let’s understand the importance of having effective team management skills.

  • The right team management skill will help you to segment the team members based on their educational qualifications, and personal traits and squeeze out maximum efficiency.
  • It helps in boosting your team with better communication, productivity, and organizational objectivity.
  • It promotes teamwork and offers an exploration of new ideas and perspectives.
  • The team management skill of a team leader motivates your team to complete all their tasks on time and be dedicated to their commitment.
  • The team management skill plays an evident role by providing some exciting tasks and provision of incentive for the employees who contribute to the organizational growth.
  • A team management skill will help you to work as a team, learn new things, understand different perspectives,, and explore new opportunities.
  • It promotes a unified approach toward leadership within a team or a company especially when the new team building is in the process
  • It helps you to climb the management ladder easily and makes you stand out from the pool of competitors
  • An effective team management skill will lead to the employee engagement and the employee retention
  • Good team management skills will influence the team, plan the work, divide it, track the work progress and succeed in the vision in a unified way 

How to Build Your Team Management Skills?

After getting promoted into a managerial position in an organization, it is very important to play an evident role in organizational growth. As you will be leading a team who works on a prime vision of getting great outcomes. You’ve already proven your job as an associate and you can get people to easily collaborate which increases the performance and outcomes. However, as an inexperienced manager, you may feel like you’re thrown into a difficult environment. This may make you feel insecure and reflects on your team with something chaotic. To avoid such instances, it’s very important to nurture some of the prominent team management skills to manage a team. 

Here are 7 factors for effective team management mentioned below.

1. Set Clear Goals 

It is one of the most important things every manager should take into consideration. Goals create a structured environment and clear objectives for the team members to work on the same page. Always try to set clear goals after evaluating every touchpoint of it. One can take SWOT analysis or SMART technique to set goals and communicate with your team members regarding it.

Some of the Goal factors to be considered are:

  • Specific: To work on a specific goal or agenda. for example “We want to become the best product selling team in the company”
  • Measurable: Setting a measurable target to be achieved. for example “We need to get thirty new customers onboard”
  • Achievable: To work on building strategies in achieving the measured goals. for example “ We need to increase some “X” calls per day and by maintaining “Y” mins in a call with the customers
  • Relevancy: To understand the need for the product 
  • Timebound: Setting the timeline to achieve the goal

2. Know Your Team

If you are an experienced manager or the new one, it is very important to get to know your team. As they are all with different strengths, skills, goals, motivation, and much more. It is good to acknowledge their quirks and characteristics to increase employee engagement. 

3. Come Up With Objectives:

Goals are the ultimatum that every team is assigned to achieve, but objectives are the stepping stones to achieving your goals. For example, A goal is to increase the customer satisfaction and retention but the objective is to increase the faster shipping times, easy return policies, and improvements in customer service

4. Regular Meetings: 

Problems, issues, and bottlenecks to arise are normal across every organization. but it’s very important to resolve those problems promptly before it ends up in a disaster. Having frequent meetings with your team is the key method to identifying the problem before it goes out of control. The team management skill will help you to get to know your team’s strengths and weaknesses. This will empower the team to understand their potential and work on things that they need to improve.

5. Take Actions:

Taking a proactive approach is one of the significant team management skills. Focus your energy on keeping high-level objectives and progress so that you can proactively approach to deal with the actions if the particular tasks go out of the plan. If your employees get to know your proactive approach, they feel motivated and trust your ability and the organization. By this, you can build a good reputation as a leader.

6. Decision Making:  

In a team, it is difficult to see someone making mistakes and refrain from butting in and changing the course of action. However, it’s difficult to give autonomy to the employees. What if your team grows and you won’t have time to closely monitor your team members all the time. So, it’s very important to empower your team with the right to autonomy. An effective team management skill will help you to gain that skill. It is very important to allow your staff to take their decisions and trust their actions. 

7. Get Organized:

One of the core components of team management skills is getting organized. Efficient team management skills lower stress increases productivity and prepares people to stay more organized. Having an accurate high-level view of the goals can help you prioritize skills for yourself and the staff. Project and task management applications can help you to have a clear view of progress and stay organized.


Should You Build Your Team Management Skills?

Yes, it is very important to build your team management skill. By climbing the ladder of higher positions, it is always important to have some unique skills to manage your team members. Having effective team management skills can help you to lead your team members in the right direction and utilize them to the maximum efficiency. As long as cool heads like you remain as a team leaders, it is easy for the team members to come up with the right solution to resolve the problems.


So far, we have covered the importance of building team management skills and key factors that helps you to develop them. I hope this blog would have been insightful for you to get some valuable insights on team management and its purpose. Now it’s your turn to follow all the above principles and strive for yourself with the right management skill.



1. What is the importance of team management?

It is a very crucial skill for the employers in the higher position to manage their team, and employee engagement, and improves productivity which ultimately contributes to business growth and economic benefits. It requires you to bind your team together so that the collective goals can be achieved efficiently.

2. How to demonstrate team management skills?

  • Focus on serving rather than managing
  • Be transparent
  • Set boundaries’
  • Be open to change
  • Emphasize constant and effective communication
  • Encourage and nurture your team’s growth

3. What skills do team managers need to be successful?

  • Interpersonal skills
  • Communication and motivation
  • Organization and delegation
  • Forward planning and strategic thinking
  • Problem-solving and decision making
  • Commercial awareness


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