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6+ Body Language Tips for Video Interviews

Interviews can themselves be nerve-wracking without it being virtual. Virtual interviews, on the top, can raise the anxiety level to the next, as it will be even more challenging to make an impression on the interviewer. Body Language plays a crucial role in making an impact during video interviews.  So, follow these video interview body language tips and land the job. With the pandemic, and if you are interviewing for a remote position or the hiring manager is away somewhere, video / virtual interviews are becoming more of a norm now. So, it’s worthwhile to be well prepared for your video interviews. Follow these video interview body language tips for the best results. In this blog, an attempt is being made to list 6+ Body language tips for video interviews. 

6+ Tips to Improve Your Video Interview Body Language

Confidence, positivity and friendliness should reflect in you during the interview. So, it pays to follow these 6+ Video Interview Body language tips.

1.  Maintain Eye Contact With the Interviewer 

Looking at the interviewer/ hiring manager during the interview is essential. So, look directly at the camera rather than at your computer screen. If you look around, it will give the feeling that you are distracted from the interview. And avoid the temptation to check yourself. However, like any other face-to-face interview, you can break the eye contact in between for some time. If you are required to look away for some reason, inform the interviewer of why. 

2.  Always Keep Your Posture Straight 

Keeping the posture straight is the best way to inform that you are alert, interested and engaged in the discussion. Slouching in the chair makes you look too casual and may come across as too unprofessional. You can also use a pillow to prop yourself up if required. Always sit or stand tall. 

3.  Keep a Warm Smile 

 If you want to appear friendly and approachable, give a warm smile. Do not give fake smiles, as it may put off the interviewer. In a virtual interview, your body language, tone of voice and smiles can go a long way in differentiating between a confident and a nervous candidate. 

4. Avoid Gesturing Too Much 

Do you habitually gesture too much to put your points across? Keep it simple and short. Often people fail to realize how big their gestures are or how often they use their hands. This may make you look more intimidating or nervous. Now, while it is permissible to gesture during video interviews, just keep it to the minimum. 

5. Do Not Cross Your Hands or Legs 

If you do not want to appear too close to the interviewer, you should avoid folding your arms and legs. This may also give off a negative perception of the other end of the screen. It is best to lower your hands to the sides and to keep your feet firmly on the floor, giving off a more engaging look. And do not fidget your hands or legs, which may make you look bored, irritated and nervous. 

6.  Slightly Lean In 

While you should look interested in the interview and leaning into the video screen is a way to ensure this, make sure it’s not too close for comfort. You shouldn’t lean in so close that you put off your interviewer. Keep a one-arm distance between you and the screen, and lean forward just an inch. 

7. Nod When Required 

Interrupting the interviewer amid a discussion may not always be a good choice. In that instance, you can nod to ensure you listen to what they say. However, keep it minimal so that it does not look too artificial. You do not have to keep on nodding constantly. 


Practice is one of the best methods to manage video interview body language. Also, aside from body language, keep an appropriate video background during the interview. You can also conduct mock interviews with your friends or family. Their feedback might make a difference in how you present yourself during the interview. 


1. How Should I Sit During a Video Interview? 

Sit in a desk chair with your back straight, feet on the floor, and arms in your lap or on the desk. The tone of voice — In the absence of traditional in-person interview body language cues, your tone of voice will take on new significance. You should speak with confidence, enthusiasm, and consistency.

2. Can you look at notes during a video interview? 

Make sure to have only a few quick notes in front of you and only passing glances at them. Not the entire answers, but key figures and other small snippets should be written down. You don’t want to come across as if you’re just reading.

3. What is positive body language? 

Positive body language is nonverbal communication that makes us feel at ease, likeable, and dignified. Open body language, also known as approachable body language, allows us to feel at ease when interacting with others.

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