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10+ Holiday Gift Ideas for Employees 

The finest holiday gifts for employees help them feel valued and a part of the team, although not all employees are the same. Finding the proper holiday gifts for employees is essential to fostering a positive work environment. Gifts can be given for all occasions, whether to celebrate a promotion, for the completion of a significant project or to express gratitude for their ongoing dedication.

Unsure of where to start? There are many gift possibilities available, but it’s crucial to pick the best presents for the personalities of your employees. It’s also crucial to take into account other viewpoints. Does any of your staff conduct remote work? Or did a new employee just arrive? The kind of present you buy can vary significantly depending on their job title and role within the organization.

Meanwhile, here are some alternatives to assist you in choosing the best employee holiday gifts for the various staff members at your business.

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Significance of Giving Holiday Gifts for Employees

To show their thanks, many businesses offer gifts to their staff members around the holidays and on milestones like work anniversaries or noteworthy accomplishments. Giving gifts has several advantages, whether you do it for personal or professional reasons. Giving gifts to your staff can frequently be advantageous to both parties. If you give your employees gifts, they may work harder for the company. Some employees may become more productive after receiving a gift. Receiving a gift can enhance the moods of several employees and possibly the entire firm. Gifts make your employees feel valued since they demonstrate your concern for them. As a manager, you gain the advantage of feeling kind.

Milestone gifts and weekly, monthly, or even quarterly productivity prizes remind your employees that their work matters. It tells them their job can win them greater status, money, or rewards. This keeps employees on pace for daily timesheets and monthly work target. These productivity indicators could otherwise be challenging to sustain over time. Most of your clients will interact with one of your employees before they do with you. In light of this, ensuring your employees are content with their jobs is crucial. Get involved in them if you want to keep the respect of all of your external audiences. Employees who feel appreciated and respected are more likely to perform their duties more effectively. These employees provide clients with a satisfying, possibly even memorable, experience.

Why is Giving Holiday Gifts to Employees Important?

  • Holiday gift-giving fosters better rapport among employees.
  • Gifts bring joy to the employees.
  • Such a morale boost can enhance a person’s experience at work and perhaps give their life more significance.
  • People appreciate simple acts of kindness that show you care about them outside of their work. You can give a gift card to their favorite coffee shop, a bottle of hot sauce for the gourmet employee, or a travel guide to their dream destination.
  • Everyone likes to be encouraged, and it’s simple to make a great impression overall by demonstrating to an employee that you pay attention to and care about their interests.
  • Efficiency and productivity are frequently influenced by how a team of employees collaborates, and making time in your day to express gratitude to individuals you work with will boost teamwork.
  • When someone feels valued, they are more likely to be inspired and productive at work. No matter what you’re working on or how you evaluate your project’s progress, all of this contributes to superior final output.
  • Giving presents communicates that work is essential and that working relationships are a key component of it. This may ultimately have a favorable effect on both your success at work and how your co employees view you.

How to Provide Employee Gifts As Tax Deductions

Employers are free to present whatever they like as a gift to their staff. However, it’s crucial to understand the tax repercussions. Employers typically steer clear of giving an employee a heavily taxed present without the employee’s awareness. When deciding what tax-free (for the employee) gifts you might provide, take into account these steps:

  1. Consider the value

The gift’s value may have an effect on how it is taxed. In general, any monetary gift, including annual bonuses and gift cards to restaurants, is regarded as a type of income and must be reported by the employee when they file their taxes. De minimis fringes are a tax provision that applies to tangible goods with minimal cash values. This benefit allows employers to provide presents to their employees without incurring any tax liability for the recipient and with a full tax deduction for the employer. The present must be given rarely by the employer and have a very low fair market value (FMV) that makes accounting for it difficult in order to be considered a de minimis fringe benefit.

  1. Consider the object

Gifts in cash or in cash equivalent are taxable on your employee’s income. If you want to keep the tax implications for your employees to a minimum, choose a tangible gift like a book or flowers rather than cash or a gift card. De minimis fringe gift examples could be:

  • Low-cost, materialistic holiday or birthday presents
  • physical gifts that are connected to exceptional work performance.
  • Sporadic meetings or events for staff.

  1. Identify the cause

For awards, for example, firms can offer their employees cash or presents with a cash value without the employee being taxed. Up to a particular dollar level, employee achievement, service, and safety awards are not taxed. The reward must adhere to a number of IRS requirements, but in general, if it is under $400, you as the employer can deduct the cost from your taxes and the employee doesn’t have to report the award as income.

  1. Consult with your CPA

Consult your accountant or a tax expert for advice if you’re unsure of the tax repercussions of a potential gift for your employee or employees.

10+ Holiday Gift Ideas for Employees 

  1. In house entertainment 

A favorite among employees who binge watch non stop during lunch. Your employees’ in-house entertainment is always something that could be improved. The new wish list for holiday gifts to employees includes a wide range of items, from morsels of OTT subscriptions to a profusion of peripherals that improve the in-home entertainment experience. And certainly, you could play games, watch movies, and work on a computer monitor or large-screen TV.

  1. Give them a Knowledge boost

This is a favorite of employees who are always keen to pick up new abilities. A gift of knowledge would be the perfect escape to set them in the correct direction for people who are big lovers of occasionally posting on job portals about the new certification they picked up and how it benefited them. Many individuals long for free time to pick up new skills, and the holiday season is an excellent opportunity to do it.

  1. Books

Employees that read books can gain entirely new experiences. It helps students expand their vocabulary while also broadening their worldview. So, in order to help your staff build their book shelves, consider giving them a book during the holidays.

  1. Family board games

Every professional looks forward to the holidays since it gives them a chance to spend time with their loved ones. Therefore, you can provide employees with some board games like monopoly, chess, crossword puzzles, Chinese checkers, etc. to make such moments even more happy.

  1. Gift hampers

Give your staff a gift basket stocked with various holiday presents if you want to cheer them up over the holidays. The main benefit of offering such gift baskets is the ability to choose several gifts and then compile them into a single basket. Such a gift basket could include things like chocolates, premium coffee, marshmallows, etc.

  1. Access to events, movies or concerts 

A top choice for art lovers who have it on their bucket list. The impact experiential gifts have is unlike anything other gifts can, and they are just incredible. The best thing is that it’s permanently etched in their thoughts, so your staff return refreshed. We can all recall the first time our employer treated us to a vacation or field trip. It’s a cherished memory and the ideal holiday present for employees. You may try providing your staff with movie or concert tickets.

  1. Personalized notebooks

One of the basic office supplies is a notebook. Another fantastic way to make your staff feel like a part of the team is by providing them with custom notebooks. Therefore, it’s another fantastic gift option if you want to give your staff something special for holiday while keeping your spending to a minimum.

  1. Gift cards

A favorite among employees who already have everything else. Choose from Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, or let your staff pick their preferred type of gift card. Gift cards are instantly added to the user’s account, allowing them to make any purchase they choose.

  1. Workplace upgrade for Remote employees

A favorite among remote employees who struggle to get the perfect camera angle because of the furniture. Since there are now remote employees in almost every company, they would appreciate a practical gift like an ergonomic chair, a table hammock, or even just a gift certificate to the local furniture shop so they can update their home offices. This would not only result in a happier and more motivated workforce overall, but it would also enhance production.

  1. Personalized office supplies

Employees love it so much that they request fresh pens from the office manager every other day. Making your staff feel unique is easy with personalized stationery. As a holiday hamper for your staff, a little pouch filled with pens, pencils, and other desk necessities would be ideal for getting things going.

  1. Fitness equipment

You can provide your employees with personal fitness equipment if they are health-conscious. This might be a resistance band, a power twister arm, yoga mats, a jump rope, etc., that your staff can use to exercise solely at home.

Should You Give Holiday Gifts to Employees?

Giving staff and clients holiday gifts helps foster close relationships with these two groups of individuals. Both are crucial to your company’s success. The end of the year is the ideal moment to express gratitude to your customers and team members for their support. Your staff members work incredibly hard and support you in both easy and difficult times. Even though they may be dealing with a variety of difficulties in their personal life, they arrive at work cheerful and prepared to crunch statistics and meet deadlines.

One of the simplest ways to express gratitude to your staff and to let them know how much you love and appreciate them during the holiday season is by giving them gifts. Giving gifts to staff goes beyond a nice thought. It also produces observable outcomes. An environment where people feel appreciated at work promotes greater productivity. So obviously you should give the best holiday gifts to your employees.


In this article, we studied the best holiday gift ideas for your employees. Staying in touch with everyone on your team becomes a key priority when a company’s success depends on the motivation of its personnel. Additionally, a giving program can also make all the difference if you’re looking for methods to inspire your team, raise morale, and win loyalty.


  1. What would make a fantastic present for employees?

The kind of gift you choose to offer your staff will depend on a variety of factors, including your overall budget, tax projections, employee count, and even the sector you work in. For instance, if you’re choosing holiday gifts for each employee of your publishing company, you might decide on personalized notebooks. These ought to be considered “de minimis fringe gifts,” meaning that you can deduct them from your taxes and your employees won’t be subject to any tax consequences.

  1. Can I give my staff gift cards?

Gift cards can be given to employees as gifts, but they must declare the value of the gift card as income on their yearly taxes. The IRS considers any cash or cash equivalent provided by an employer to an employee to be income and must be taxed accordingly.

  1. Can you give your employees wine as a holiday gift?

Giving your staff a beautiful bottle of wine is the best option if you have a high-end budget for holiday gifts. Additionally, you can add it as an extra to the holiday gift basket you’ll be delivering to your staff. But before giving this away, ensure the recipient is a teetotaller and a wine lover.

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