Hirect - India’s First Direct Hiring Platform

Hirect App is a product of Chrome21 India Private Limited.

We are focused on top internet start-up hiring. On Hirect Job seekers and recruiters are matched accurately.

They can then start chatting with each other, from anywhere, anytime.
While chatting if you feel good about the candidate, you can hire him/her directly.


Direct Hiring

Hiring is a time consuming process. Imagine going through hundreds of resumes, shortlisting them, scheduling interviews and still not able to find the right person for your team. This is the exact problem Direct Hiring solves. We have introduced a chat first hiring process. Our powerful matching algorithms combined with the asynchronous communication helps save your valuable
time and effort.


Hire from anytime, anywhere

Finish the whole hiring process from your mobile phone using one single app. This gives you the flexibility of time. Utilize your breaks more effectively. Hirect comes with all the necessary features like voice call and video call.



Directly talk to decision makers
Hirect allows you to talk directly with the decision makers in the top internet startups. Impress them and increase your chances to land that perfect job.

Quick feedback
Remember applying to a job and waiting for weeks just to get a response? Well that's a thing of the past. Our Chat First Direct Hiring process provides you with instant feedback of your candidature. No more anxious waiting periods 😃