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At Hirect, you don't have to wait for candidates to apply for your job. You'll find all matching candidates at your homefeed and chat with them directly. We promise you will get instant reply from candidates. Your candidates feed is 100% personalised to your JD.

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Hardik Sarin, CEO

Kugelblitz Technologies

"Building a team from scratch was difficult for a young professional like me. The Hirect App served as a quick hack to my hiring needs. Its smart candidate recommendation gave me access to a large pool of qualified candidates. Apart from that, Hirect helped make my selection process efficient despite my lack of experience in hiring. The CTO of my Company has just started using the App and he's loving the Hirect Experience."


Harsha Varthan, HR Generalist

Blockhash Technologies

"The in-app Chat feature is a phenomenal idea to bring to Recruiters. Add to it a few relevant questions and you're able to identify the right fit in 2-3 minutes. Plus, the fact that the App is powered by AI makes it a win-win for Recruiters and Job seekers alike."

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