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The traditional hiring process has lost its viability due to the rapid rise in demand for a skilled workforce. Shortlisting candidates is a time-consuming process. Conducting interviews with irrelevant candidates yields unfruitful results. Outsourcing the process is often unreliable and expensive.

Hirect simplifies the hiring process. Directly chatting with verified candidates matched by the AI algorithm ensures a simple, quick and effective hiring experience.

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Trending Job Categories

  • IT Sector

    750K+ Candidates
  • Design &

    110K+ Candidates
  • Business &

    700K+ Candidates
  • Finance

    500K+ Candidates
  • Marketing &

    400K+ Candidates
  • Sales

    350K+ Candidates
  • Operations

    100K+ Candidates
  • Technical

    100K+ Candidates

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Hirect encourages direct and quick responses between job-seekers and recruiters. Through the bi-directional direct chat feature, candidates can chat directly with relevant and verified recruiters on this job search app.

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